LWC SUPER CHAMP, an explosive boxing battle, the opening of the hot fist fight, the warrior’s blood arena!

Greater than any fight with the most exciting round of boxing on LWC SUPER CHAMP (Lumpini World Championship Super Champion) on Channel 8 on Saturday 28 October 2023 with the search for the best boxer. This week the Chaiyo Money Loan Registration Loan Boxing Round in the £127 division to find the week’s champion and the Global House Grand prix boxing round brings new boxers in the £143 division to compete to find just one winner. Muay Thai fans shouldn’t miss this!

Through the boxing round, the boxing round, the money, the Cheerio, the mortgage loan. It’s the queue for the girl with the smooth body. Come fight hand to hand at 127 lbs to find the champion of the week. The women’s boxers are participating in the competition as follows: “Vasay A. Yuchai”, the powerful puncher, Mai Riya from Buriram, “Ione Lawrence”, a fierce aristocrat from England, “Kwankhao Bi Muangphet” Kar, and Tang Muengnon from Nonthaburi. Zahra Shokohai is a sexy girl from Iran.

Followed by the Global House Grand Prix boxing competition, bringing a new format of boxing in the 143lbs category to compete, including 4 fierce boxers competing against each other, with fun and excitement awaiting, with “Anantasak Suriyawong” kicking ass on the banks of the Mekong River. River, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Yasin Hawari, a daredevil from Israel, Kobdam Sor.Reringchai, a deadly rose, and Sajjad Korsh, a powerful Persian from Iran.

Moreover, you can’t miss it. And with a positive boxing match that must be followed by boxing fans between Khum Chat Khum Pakornphonsurin Thiem and Klet Kayo Sak Inter (Myanmar) in the 135 lbs weight limit, scheduled for 5 rounds, in addition to the meeting of Lotus Phumbanmuang with 127 lbs Emanuel Callistes.

It cannot be called a mistake. With fun without breaks in the LWC SUPER CHAMP (Lumpini World Championship) on Saturday, October 28, 2023, starting live from 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm on Channel 8, press number 27 from Lumpini Stadium Boxing, Ramintra Road, is for Muay Thai fans, don’t miss it.

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