London: British police chief resigns amid probe


London In the wake of the inquiry, the British police chief resigned

A British police chief constable has resigned as he is the subject of a criminal investigation into old allegations.

UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman (pictured) has demanded the resignation of a senior civil servant.


The director general of the IOPC (Independent Office of Police Conduct, the British “police force”), Michael Lockwood, announced on Friday that he was leaving with immediate effect, citing “personal and domestic reasons”. But on Saturday evening, Home Secretary Suella Braverman clarified the reasons for the IOPC’s boss’ departure, amid a general crisis of confidence in British police.

Old case

“Mr. Lockwood was investigated by police over old allegations, and he ordered his management to “resign him” or face “immediate suspension”. According to the “Sunday Times”, the allegations against him, the nature of which was not specified, date back four decades, and Michael Lockwood, now 63, was in his twenties.


British police have recently been rocked by several high-profile cases, chief among them the kidnapping, rape and murder of a young London woman, who was sentenced to life in prison for these acts, and a series of scandals highlighting racism. And misogynistic behavior in its ranks. A police service review report in early November highlighted the extent of shortcomings in the recruitment and vetting of officers.

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