Liverpool 2-1 Brighton: All the words from Jurgen Klopp's post-match press conference

“A tough match and a good performance. Great results,” said Jurgen Klopp, summing up Liverpool's 2-1 win over Brighton & Hove Albion at Anfield on Sunday.

Read every word from the coach's post-match press conference below.

On Liverpool’s reaction to conceding an early goal in the match…

In my opinion, it was our best performance against Brighton, where Roberto (De Zerbe) had more possession of the ball. Controlling the ball better is a really good moment in the match, apart from scoring the goal. We lost the ball too. We can lose the ball high up the field. This doesn't mean you have to lose the ball. It was really well done, and a great, great ending as far as I can see.

I really like this reaction. But I also thought the ending of the match was a bit hasty. This is not on the same level as the rest of the people. You can't be as creative all the time as we do. And one or two of them are the right opportunities. We didn't have enough shots on goal in the first half. A few times the ball rolled.

We have to do better at that. But we still scored the equalizer after the free kick. Which is the good part and they are always very helpful. We showed the children some situations during the first break. And tell them what we should do next. The point where we have to be calm and the defense where we can improve we are trying to do that. And regain control of important parts of the game. As much as you can is not always possible. Since they are very difficult to stop, it is really hard work.

The front lines have to work hard. It takes patience to get the timing right: Wataru (Endo) and Maka (Alexis McAllister) are in the right positions, and Dom (Zoboslay) gives an amazing performance there. They are both hunters. Creator of chaos and I think that worked well, because they had the ball. But they did not control the ball as they wanted. This helps. We scored a great second goal. That was a great third goal. Unfortunately, it was a little offside. But it's still a good goal. “Then you have to take it to victory. And to be 100 percent honest, we haven't been in this situation for 10 years with this team now. So I think we were probably a little bit more nervous, but actually I think the kids were really calm and I really liked that. Yes, they still have their moments. That's the way it can go. “You can't completely stop them. We won the match. I think we all agree that we deserved to win the game. So a really beautiful afternoon.

Alexis McAllister looks like…

I watched a lot of special shows today, yes Mecca was amazing. Great but if you have that kind of ability when you have a personality like that you have to show it. This is Mecca. He can do it. Let's do it then. This is Connor (Bradley), this is (Jarrell) Quansah, this is Wataru. This is Dom… They're so good, this is Joe Gomez.

“The boys are very good, so let's show it. Yes, I really admire these boys, but I wouldn't be surprised if they perform at the highest level already. Because that's what I want them to do. And when they do it's okay. If they can't do it I thought Why can we help and why, but when can they do it. I'm not as surprised as everyone else. I'm happy they can do it more often. Great game, a lot of moments and then Quim (Kelleher) cleared the ball from the corner. I saw it in a big way. Very good. I did not expect the hand to reach. He is there and it is really wonderful. As I said, a difficult match, good level, amazing result.

The importance of previous tournament experiences that his team members have in various games when the team must overcome adversity…

I love the weather today. When I talk about general anxiety. We were also more anxious a few years ago, so it's kind of like that. When we were 1-0 up before we scored the second or third goal, no one in the stands could calm down a bit. This was a long time ago. But this is something we have to develop together. I liked the audience's reaction today. People are really in the game. And I really like it.

So, as a group, “we have to go through this phase and decide whether or not we're going to enjoy it. A lot. It's going to be hard, and yes, sometimes it's scary.” And your heart rate will be 180 or 200 or whatever from time to time if you're watching it or if you're playing it. But if we all join in the fun, we'll have a chance. If we don't, we still have a chance. It's really harder. That's why we try to stay positive in all these times. It was a great situation that the boys pushed us into, and we were there. I don't even know the exact total but there are three points left[اليوم]We are at the top with two other teams competing for the biggest prize in English football. And let's see how it ends. But I decided to do my best to enjoy it.

The injured Liverpool players will return for Thursday's match against Sheffield. United or not…

Curtis (Jones) is training hard, he trained with us yesterday. But then it was even more special because[يوم السباق سيكون]Minus one session and it wasn't as intense as Curtis wanted. So he is with us. And then he got a part-time job. He will train hard. What does this mean for the game? Let Matt take a look at that. No one (will come back) and others, slowly but surely (recover) but are not back yet.

Is Salah now back to his best level of sharpness after the injury?

Yes, definitely in terms of gameplay. Imagine if Mo could score all the goals in his career. That would be a crazy number. So it would definitely be nice. Not like anyone else. There was a bit of a rush in the final position in the first half. The finishing wasn't what they were capable of. But then it is important to remain calm in those life-or-death moments when you have to finish the golden opportunity we have. It was the best football situation we played. Who then actually scored a goal. So I'm very happy with everything. He can play for about 90 minutes, now we just have to move forward.

“We need all the players. Darwin (Nunez) opened up a lot of space for us. Lucho (Diaz) was unbelievable.” They all did a really good job today, like I said. Both midfielders were fantastic. It's a really good game of football. With rivals meeting you definitely know that it will be the toughest task. Their defense is perhaps the highest strength required in English football. But we are in good shape. I don't think they play games like that much now. Some people press the way we press. And I'm really happy. With this matter

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