CHUANG ASIA EP.9 announces the final 18 people for Debut Night. Get ready to wait for the winner to debut.

Chuang Asia EP.9 The final round of trainees was selected, leaving 17+1 people, divided into two teams to perform the final round at Debut Night, preparing to hope the last 9 people would debut as an Intergirl group as they dreamed.

Just another moment. Dreams of trainees Chuang Asia Being able to debut as a girl group as they dreamed of will come true. Out of 29 trainees, only 17 were announced to advance to the next round. It's painful. Tears fell in rows again, as usual.

Announcing the final liquidation results

The children changed the atmosphere and announced the names of those qualifying for the next round in Pattaya. Although the view of the sea is beautiful, it will help calm children's minds to some extent, but in the end they have to face the fact that in a few minutes there must be children. Nearly half of them had to return home and postpone their dreams of debuting for CHUANG ASIA.

Mentor Mike, Mentor Jeff, and Mentor Nene gave their best encouragement to the trainees. That each one of them performed the third stage excellently, and for those who did not qualify for the next round, well, do not be sad. Please keep fighting for your dream of becoming an artist.

Chuang Asia EP.9

In this round of elimination, in addition to the usual voting via WeTV and TikTok, CHUANG ASIA also conducted activities on social media such as Weibo and TikTok.

Chuang Asia EP.9

Below is a list of the 18 trainees who qualified for the first round:

  1. Qiao Yiyu
  2. Rawan
  3. Yes
  4. Wang Ke
  5. Eileen
  6. Eileen
  7. Yuan Ke
  8. Bailio
  10. whatever
  11. Christa Shim
  12. Didi
  13. Brao
  14. Without a
  15. Xuanning
  16. Lu Yuting
  17. Lisa
  18. R-JING (Saved by PAILIU who won the TikTok Live Starlight leaderboard)

Next episode EP.10, we will get to know the last 9 people who dedicated their efforts. Overcoming various obstacles over a period of several months until you become a member of the girl group you dreamed of. Who will you be? Don't forget to vote for your favorite trainee. And follow the live broadcast Zhuang Asia debut night On Saturday, April 6, on ONE31 and the WeTV app at 9:30 p.m.

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