Light fireworks and celebrate the Diwali festival causing dust pollution values ​​to rise in India: PPTVHD36

Indians light fireworks and firecrackers to celebrate. Diwali festival causes high dust pollution values, resulting in 3 cities being ranked among the worst polluted cities in the world.

This morning (November 13), three major Indian cities were ranked among the 10 worst polluted cities in the world. It was caused by the day before. Many people burst firecrackers and firecrackers on Diwali festival. It is the annual Hindu festival of lights.

The capital, New Delhi, ranked first “as usual” with an air quality index (AQI) of 420, which was rated at 420. Kolkata, in eastern India, ranked fourth in the world, with an AQI of 196. Meanwhile, the financial capital Mumbai ranks eighth with an air quality index (AQI) of 163.

On what day does Diwali 2023 come? Revealing the history of the festival of light – the worship of Goddess Lakshmi.

New Delhi plans to limit car use for one week, hoping to control pollution.

The real killer that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs was “dust” after the meteorite hit the Earth.

According to the Swiss group IQAir, AQI levels of between 400 and 500 affect healthy people and pose a risk to people with underlying medical conditions. While levels of 150-200 cause discomfort to people suffering from asthma, lung and heart disease. The safe level is no more than 50.

Dense smog began spreading in New Delhi on Sunday evening, sending the city’s air quality index (AQI) reading soaring to 680 shortly after midnight.

Every year, officials issue an order banning fireworks and firecrackers in the capital. But for the most part, walking this way was forbidden. There is little enforcement of regulations or action against those who do this.

The air quality in India gets worse every year before winter. When the air is cold, it traps pollutants from vehicles, industry, and dust from construction. And burning agricultural waste

The Indian authorities postponed a previous decision to restrict the use of vehicles. After a short period of rain last weekend. It helped ease the situation a little. But it is said that after the Diwali festival, the local government intends to reconsider the decision. Because dust pollution has increased at a very high rate.

Compiled from Reuters

Photography by Yuki Iwamura/AFP

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