He’s a different person! Therathorn reveals his personal point of view regarding appointing Madam Pang as captains of the national team for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

November 13, 2023, the movement of the Thai national football team is constantly going to the training field before preparing to compete in the second round of 2026 World Cup qualifiers, group three, the first match against the Chinese national team on November 16, 2023 at 7:30 pm, Thierath TV broadcast live. Only Sophanath Mwinta was absent from this training session, who will travel to join again. The only one tomorrow.

Before training, Thai national team star Terathorn Boonmathan said: “For the training camp, everyone has now started training. The only thing missing is Sophanat Muinta, who will travel tomorrow. (November 14) Everyone is ready.” Trying to do a good job. To be included in the last 23 people “As for training now, it started tactically. Everyone is attentive and focused. Especially since we are playing at home, we want to get 3 points.”

“I think it is the Thai national team that is now competing in an important match like the World Cup qualifiers. I see that the football fans are almost completely buying up the tickets as well. There will probably be football fans who want to come and cheer. Create an atmosphere for the Thai national team.”

“For this group, there are many things. People go to play football abroad with more experience than before than I have been in the team in the past, such as Subachuk Sarachat, Sovanath Muenta, Ekanit Panya, as well as Chanathip Songkrasin and Terasil Dangda.”

Journalists inquire about team captains and with two people appointed, Terathorn replied: “I don’t know what to say. It’s the way he appointed. It’s up to the adults to agree. Or it depends on who the coach appoints as captain. It’s normal in football. I don’t have to encourage my friends This way because everyone knows what they are joining the team for.”

To learn about the schedule of the Thai national team’s competitions in the 2026 World Cup, the Asian region, the second qualifying round, the third group, the first and second day matches, Thairath TV broadcasts the two matches live as follows:

November 16, 2023 at 7:30 pm at Rajamangala Stadium, the Thai national team will meet the Chinese national team.

21 November 2023 at 7:00pm at Singapore National Stadium. Singapore national team meets Thailand national team

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