LG 2021 C1 OLED TVs are up to 32 percent off right now

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Upgrade to OLED TV It will make all the difference in your living room setting, but the best deals out there aren’t cheap. However, Amazon slashed prices for the 2021 LG C1 OLED range, bringing most of them down to new record lows. cheapest set, 48 inch model, to $997, which is about $50 cheaper than its previous record low price. But you will get the best deal on 65 inch TV, which represents 32 percent of the discount and drops to $1,697. And if you choose this model, you can also save $150 on LG’s SP9YA soundbar if you’re looking to upgrade your sound system along with your TV.

Buy the 48-inch LG C1 OLED from Amazon – $997
Buy the 65-inch LG C1 OLED from Amazon – $1,697

The mid-tier C1 sets are very popular because they give you all the features you’d expect in an OLED range along with additional gaming perks, all at an affordable price. As with any OLED TV, you get deep blacks and more accurate colors than standard sets, and C1 models support 120Hz refresh rates and run on the LG a9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K. The LG Smart TV interface gives you access to all streaming platforms, including Netflix and Apple TV+, and it supports voice commands from both Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

Besides the high refresh rate, the C1 kits have HDMI 2.1, support for G-Sync and FreeSync and are capable of a 1ms response time. These features make these TVs excel when it comes to gaming console, and LG lets you control all those related settings in the Game Optimizer menu.

It’s worth noting that LG’s 2022 OLED kits are also available now, including the updated C2 kit. The company made some changes in this year’s batches, upgrading the processor to the a9 Gen5 chip, adding new features to the Game Optimizer and reducing response times further. However, C2 TVs start almost 1500 dollars, so if you’re willing to skip the latest improvements, you can get last year’s models at much better prices. The same applies to LG’s ‘Gallery’ series right now – while the 2022 G2 family is available starting at massive prices. $3200Most 2021 and . models have been discounted 65 inch G1 It fell to a new all-time low of $1,997.

Buy the 65-inch LG G1 OLED at Amazon – $1,997

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