Fourth time for Victor Orban

Hungarian Sovereign President Viktor Orban won a fourth victory on Sunday, much easier than expected after the legislative elections in the shadow of the war in Ukraine.

At age 58, the Dean of the current leaders of the European Union (EU) faced an unprecedented and diverse coalition of six parties, determined to fight the 12-year “dictatorship” and “corruption” of the Urban era.

Analysts have predicted a close war, but the results are clear: Mr. Urban’s Fidesz party won 53.35% of the vote after counting 93%, with 34.75% against the opposition, according to the National Electoral Office. With this presence, the Prime Minister is guaranteed to retain a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

“Tragedy” by Marki-Zay

Mr Orban’s opponent, Peter Margi-J, spoke to his supporters in the evening. “I will not hide my sadness and my disappointment,” he replied. Fighting beyond all, he denounced it as an “unequal struggle” against “propaganda”, “propaganda of hatred and lies”.

The 49-year-old conservative mayor has previously denounced “unfair and improbable conditions” aimed at allowing his rival to “stay in power forever” by slipping his ballot into the ballot box with his family.

“War has changed everything”

Conflict in neighboring Ukraine erupted in the countryside, completely destabilizing the situation. Mr. Orban poses as Hungary’s “defender”, a guarantor of peace and stability, refusing to supply arms to Ukraine and refusing to consider Hungary’s sanctions to seize precious Russian oil and gas.

At the same time, in election posters and pro-urban media, Peter Marquez-J was portrayed as “dangerous” and accused of wanting to speed up the war in the country because of his firm support for Ukraine.

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