Les Formes de la Color. The new Hermès fine jewelry.

This collection is a melting pot of colors. I wanted to find a way to express the basic phenomenon of color. Hermes And create an independent and strong identity.

Quotes from Pierre Hardy(Pierre Hardy, Creative Director of Hermès Jewellery) Creative Director of Jewelry Hermes

Bow in colors wavy design

This is a journey into colours, exploring volumes and materials through a diverse collection. A new chapter in the high jewellery collection of Hermes Brought by the winds of independent curiosity, it is a stopping point for an eclectic and fascinating adventure, created by Pierre Hardy.
The soft wavy shape of the text Arc and color Hugging the curves of the body and soft, dreamy tones, the bracelets and necklaces are the result of technical prowess combined with masterful latticework. There is a selection of gemstones approx. 1400 Gradient color beads for necklace

A new coating transforms the illusion of gemstones and precious stones appearing in arabesque patterns.

Colours light up in the eye by stimulating colour receptors in the retina. Hardy celebrated this phenomenon: he was able to capture something as ethereal as light and understand form. This new collection explores the reflection of light on objects and is an experiment in the perception of light.
The idea of ​​moving waves between colors and geometric shapes inspired the creation of the rings in the classroom. Color pictures This is evident in the complex structure of amazing relationships. The red color of ruby ​​is square. The yellow color of beryllium is triangular. The blue color of sapphire is round.

With black and white stripes Modern paint Thus changing the illusion of coloring with gemstones and precious stones. It looks like a dark and beautiful arabesque pattern. The delicate setting of gemstones creates movement, adds volume and texture to the jewelry creating an amazing miracle.

The idea of ​​waves moving between colours and geometric shapes inspired the rings in the colour palettes.

Ring, bracelet and necklace next chapter hermes diapers It consists of a central stone: a white diamond or emerald-cut ruby, which is a soft and colorful diffuser of light. Its brilliance reflects the mother-of-pearl pattern. It is architecturally sophisticated, with iridescent reflections embellished with colored stones and baguette-cut diamonds. Rather than a traditional pendant design, for this unique piece the mother-of-pearl panels are cut to complement the central stone.

The Hermès Diaprés features a centrepiece of gemstones, whose brilliance reflects the intricate architectural pattern of mother-of-pearl.

Cut the chapter Supercolor Making the viewer feel mesmerized and includes architectural and precious designs unique necklaces. It is a display of the refraction of light waves causing the shine to change from black to white. It features a beam of colored light passing through a prism of rutile quartz studded with sparkling triangular diamonds. Color shapes It encourages courageous confrontation. Stirring up conflicts and creating surprises.

Its shape is round and asymmetrical. Color feelings Wear it with classic cut gemstones like square-cut emeralds or tanzanites cut into a long square band. For statement pieces with geometric shapes in the season flash color The body is decorated with brightly colored gemstones, like a digital image with tiny colored pixels. The innovative and unique structure of the necklace comes together to form a large image, allowing for a variety of creative ways to wear it.

Hermès takes a unique approach to haute couture design, inherited from the Maison’s original roots as a harness and saddle maker. This new collection of high jewellery combines bold shapes, rich colours and a bold spirit that expresses strong emotions.

interview Pierre Hardy Creative Director of Hermes Jewelry Who tells the details of this group?

Color Icons Precious beauty comes in necklaces and small bags made of precious yet practical stones.

I would like to tell you about the topic of this group.

Pierre Hardy: This collection of colours underscores the ambition of invention.KnownNew things to get away from the familiar patterns, and the freedom that makes you feel free like jumping over different obstacles. Related to horse riding I wanted to find a way to express this basic phenomenon.

color Hermes Create a strong, independent identity. Can you pinpoint the origin of this color experiment?

PH: I had the opportunity to explore color theory while studying art and I immersed myself in these theories with passion and how this set of theoretical studies developed to develop the color hierarchy.(primary colors or basic colors Color groupsecondary or tertiary color) By considering the relationship and integration between color temperature. By mixing the colors of light and the colors of the color tube will be different. Creative workSome pieces build on these theories and lead to further exploration.

I like to start with something that is well-framed, has a clear and strict structure, and then organize the refractions from the combination of colors and shapes. If red is a square, what does that square say if yellow is a shape? The mental triangle can see the pattern of a superhero costume at a glance, or it can connect it to other memories like artwork, record covers, architecture, and feelings.

How does this complexity come together in the world of Hermes?

PH: This house can have a variety of symbols, revisiting the original form of the house, such as the ring. Tie clip, chain style China Dunker,Kelly bags, Birkins and beyond, it is this harmonious mix that defines the identity of the collection. It is also a matter of thinking about how to apply colour to the body like make-up, and exploring the colours that underpin the history of jewellery. I want to bring all of this together to make it contemporary and modern. Hermes In pursuit of the greatest possible magic produced by colors, this marvel is tinged with surprises that arise, for example, from the color grading in black-and-white films.

Another deep beauty of gemstone gradients in Color Icons.

Color at Hermes is not a separate concept.

pH: There really are a lot of colors. Hermes There is also a silk color library with reference information. 75000 On the other hand, this is the first time in the history of this house that a variety of precious stones have been created in high jewelry such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires and diamonds, that is, green, red, blue and white, color is wealth. There are no limits to the nature that one can paint and I wanted to explore the entire spectrum of light. (The light we see is white, but in reality it is composed of many colors.) To do this, we use beautiful gemstones alongside precious stones as if we had a large and precise color palette. The bed allows for subtle, almost magical and supernatural gradations, the transformation of one material into another that composes and organizes the transition from one world to another, from drawings on paper to objects containing precious stones and metals, from theory to jewelry, from two-dimensional works to three-dimensional works.

There are many great deals in this collection.

pH: I would like to express many opinions, during the same period you may want something different, however, I have not tried to bring different things together using color, quite the opposite, the exploration of color has turned out to be rich in richness and exceptional diversity, I do not want to control this diversity, but on the contrary, to show respect for color, giving it all possible opportunities for reflection and development, I have not tried to limit it, I want to leave it natural.

This is precious beauty masterfully interpreted. The white light we see actually conceals many colors. The Hermès High Jewelry collection captures the amazing spectrum of light in the gemstones. The pieces will be large and eye-catching, combined with the inherited artistic finesse of calligraphy, making the pieces more magnificent than expected. And they will be remembered forever.

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