A recap of five highlights from CHANEL's Summer Tour in Bangkok, celebrating the intersection of fashion and music.

Last weekend, CHANEL held its biggest event, the CHANEL Summer Tour, celebrating the relationship between fashion and music. The latest pin is in Bangkok, Thailand, the number one spot in Asia. In the midst of summer, people often go out to enjoy music. The project is hosted by Caroline de Maigret, a CHANEL ambassador who travels to different destinations. In addition to a special performance by Sébastien Tellier, the French musician and CHANEL ambassador, along with Millie Danuba, Valentina Bloui, and Salil Chewapanthusri who came to impress and make the night in Bangkok perfect. Anyone who follows ELLE’s Instagram account has probably seen every moment and atmosphere of the event, and today, ELLE5Things is volunteering to take everyone along to capture the highlights of this important event in depth. Learn more about the CHANEL Summer Tour

What is Chanel Summer Tour?

In 2022, Chanel is launching a new project, “Chanel Summer Tour,” which will travel to different locations. To celebrate the relationship between fashion and music, and the cultural alliances that have long influenced each other. This is something that Chanel has always given great importance to. This can be seen in the choice of music as an inspiration for the creation of various collections. Including campaign videos and fashion shows, Chanel Ambassador Caroline de Maigret will host the Chanel Summer Tour, and will travel to each destination. It will officially make its debut in Saint-Tropez, France, and Marbella, Spain, and later in 2023, it will visit East Hampton, another highlight of the Chanel Summer Tour. Among the latest destinations, Bangkok, Thailand, is the first stop in Asia. The event was chosen to be held in the ‘Talat Noi District,’ an old city area filled with a diverse artistic aura. It has become a popular new area for both Thai people and tourists. Chanel has transformed The Warehouse Talat Noi to have a summer atmosphere where people go out to enjoy the music.

Sebastien Tellier

French artist Sébastien Tellier, along with Caroline de Maigret, joins the CHANEL Summer Tour, who is also traveling to Bangkok as a CHANEL ambassador. Thailand this time too, where Sébastien was part of CHANEL Radio, which invited creative artists from various fields. Let's sit down and talk about different issues. Whether it's fashion or music, before the start of the CHANEL Cruise 2024/25 fashion show in Marseille, he also appeared in the Cruise 2021/22 fashion show alongside the brand's ambassadors. Not only that, but he also appeared in the CHANEL Spring/Summer 2020 eyewear campaign, and can be said to be one of the important people of the brand with which he has been associated for a long time. This was an important opportunity for him to visit Bangkok. To perform at the first event of the CHANEL Summer Tour in Bangkok. The special thing is that Sébastien will perform with 3 artists of Thai origin, Salil Chivapanthusri, Milly Danuba Kanatirakul, and Valentina Ploy.


As mentioned earlier, Sebastien Tellier, one of the important artists who will perform on Chanel’s Summer Tour, will be performing a special show with three young Thai artists full of talent and different musical styles together but combined with Sebastien’s musical style, it was an impressive and unforgettable show, starting with the descendant of Chivapanthusri, a musician with Thai blood who created music that combines unique Thai instruments and Afro-soul rhythms to the unique Isan Funk genre that has even become popular in Canada, Millie Danuba, a rising young rapper who has achieved success in the country and performed at several international music festivals, as well as Valentina Ploy, an artist of Italian-Thai origin who was selected to open for Coldplay’s concert in Thailand and also traveled to Marseille. To participate in the Cruise 2024/25 fashion show as well

On the CHANEL Summer Tour, which stopped at various locations. In the past, including Bangkok, invited many talented artists to come together and perform alongside the Chanel ambassador. Strengthening the relationship between the worlds of fashion and music. Including the fusion of different musical cultures. To create fun and novelty for the audience. In the same way, Chanel draws inspiration from different cultures. Come and mix it with the brand's DNA to create contemporary fashion.

access to feelings

Of course, when the heart of the event this time is music, it would be impossible not to talk about the CHANEL Summer Tour Bangkok playlist because it is the gateway that will take you into the mood, the feeling and the atmosphere of the event. What is most interesting about this playlist is the selection of songs that are diverse but blend together perfectly. Ranging from easy listening to instrumental, jazz, pop and electronic. Vibrant hip-hop, funky R&B, this playlist includes songs by new artists to watch, all reflecting the summer in Bangkok through the lens of CHANEL, and this playlist will still be available for you to listen to, a full year before the tour starts in 2020. Page

Ail says:

“I think the magic of the CHANEL Summer Tour playlist is the mix of summer songs that are perfect for those hours when you want to relax. Or when you want to escape for a vacation. It can also refer to the summer mood of Bangkok, full of brightness. The variety is impeccable and this year, in addition to having a Bangkok playlist, if anyone is interested, there is also a Hong Kong playlist as well.”

You can listen to this playlist via Spotify And Apple Music


In addition to celebrating the meeting of the worlds of fashion and music, the CHANEL Summer Tour also celebrates the reunion of CHANEL Ambassadors, close friends of the brand. As well as artists from various fields to join the fun with music together at the CHANEL Summer Tour event in Bangkok, many celebrities joined the event. Whether it was Thailand Ambassadors Chiang Mai Chutimon and Mark Breen, as well as James Teradon, Vi Violet, Ali Asheraya, Paibu Thitiya, Chompo Araya, Ace Paris, Millie Danuba, Nini Phonpanphan, Mabel Pixi, and Gemini Norawit. Nisha Natanisha, Nini Phonpanphan, Jan Paiboon, Karen Kassidit, Korakrit Arunanonchai, Patra Bunnag and many more.

Words: Rachata Ratanavirutkul, Chatlina Chejunya
Photographer: Waso Sukatocharoenkul, Pathumporn Phuekpod, Manusit Bunon

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