Kick back with knit sneakers

What remains of our childhood drawings? An erased memory of a pleasant gesture? Yellow leaves on the bottom of the box? Ocean Castanet perpetuates her in her shoes.

In 2018, this French entrepreneur launched Amrose, a brand of hand-knitted sneakers embroidered with innocent, colorful and happy motifs: heart, rainbow, daisy, mushroom, face painting. Inspired by traditional Persian footwear, these trainers can be customized as needed, so many traces of his mindset, but ours. “I think of each shoe as a blank canvas on which we paint,” explains this self-taught designer who moved away from the world of finance.

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Beautiful and nice

She got into crochet and embroidery by looking up tutorials on the internet. A thirst for creativity and a sense of unity: the shoes are now made by 300 artisans in Kurdistan, India, Romania and Morocco. Oceane Castanet contacted them through NGOs and associations and trained most of them. “The idea is to help women who are artistic but don’t have the opportunity to work. They can stay at home, which allows them to take care of their children and earn an income.

Once finished, the sneakers’ canvas (about 1000 stitches in recycled cotton thread) and embroidery (in French or Italian wool thread) are assembled in a workshop in Portugal, along with the recycled rubber sole. Beautiful and nice, all mild., Available at Bongénie.

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