KGI Securities opens a long contract S50U24 at 808

SET50 Index Future Price Trend

swings, the government has measures to stimulate the capital market.

Factors affecting SET50

Yesterday, the Dow Jones gained 260 points (+0.67%) to close at 39,411 points on hopes that the Fed will cut interest rates this year. Including investors waiting to see key PCE price index numbers to be announced this Friday. Price direction
WTI oil was up 0.90 US dollars/barrel (+.11%) in August to settle at 81.63 US dollars/barrel. Ukraine sends kroner to attack oil refineries in Russia amid geopolitical risks and news reports suggest the European Union has agreed to impose new economic sanctions on Russia. This includes banning Russia from transporting LNG gas into the EU for export to third countries. In addition, the cabinet is preparing to adjust ThaiESG's conditions by expanding the loan limit to 300,000 baht, reducing the holding period to 5 years, and establishing a fund similar to the 150 billion Vayupak fund in the past. Pat.

medium term trend

In the medium term, S50U24 will be more favorable after standing above 795 in the short term. Rate the level of support. 802/795*/783/770 and resistance 810/818/829/838 If it breaks above 802, it may swing to resistance level.
810/818 can swing below to support 795/783 if unable to hold above 802

Medium Term Strategy (Week)

Open a long contract S50U24 at 802 and suggest to close the position at 810/818 resistance level with stop loss point at 797.

Factors to monitor in the short term

Tonight, follow up on the US Consumer Confidence Index for June, and the market expects it to come in at 100.2, the key PCE price index.

SET50 Short Term Future Trend (Intraday)

Yesterday, the S50U24 hit a low of 800.0, alternating with swings up to 809.0 adding lower than the S50U24 index, bringing the base between the S50M24 and the SET50.
-6.62 points (S50M24 and S50U24 contracts +0.19 and -3.64 points respectively)

Rate the S50U24 contract, which may fluctuate to the upside. If it breaks above 808, it may rise to test the next resistance level 813/818.

Short Term Strategy (Intraday)**

Recommend open long contract S50U24 at 808 and close position at 813/818 resistance level with stop loss point at 803.

For those who opened the long S50U24 contract yesterday at 802, they may have closed the position at 807.

PS Contract S50M24 It expires on June 27 and instead it is recommended to open a new position with a spread of approximately 4 pips in the S50U24 contract.

Strategies Appropriate for Market Conditions: Short Term Strategy (Intraday)

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