Kanye West opens up about co-parenting with Kim Kardashian; He says he “still” gives her advice

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian are co-parents of their four children, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm West, and recently, the rappers opened up about how the directors handled the same. Despite their differences, Kim and Kanye emphasized that they always prioritize what is best for their children. Addressing the same thing, Kanye spoke on the Alo Mind podcast.

Having recently posted a post about his Donda Academy and also calling on Kim to send his kids to private schools along the same lines, the rapper talked about the duo’s relationship as co-parents and also his social media posts and said, “You get to that point everyone wants to say “Oh, it’s mental health and everyone wants you to apologize a million times.”

He further added, “Everyone wants everyone to be so numb, so controlled, that you’re not even allowed to defend the things you hand over to your family. Your home is your original church. Even, to this day, I will continue to advise Kim on things he can It helps, because that’s going to the kids. She still has to — basically 80 percent of the time — raise those kids,” via People.

previously, Kim She also confirmed that regardless of her relationship with Kanye after their breakup, she wants him to be a part of their children’s lives. Kardashian has stated how she wants her kids to spend their mornings with their dad and drop out of school regularly too. Speaking about their relationship after their split, Kim also once mentioned what Kanye would be like and she’s “always a family.”

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