JT Marvelous is still in strong form, having won 5 straight matches, and remains at the top of the V-League battle, undefeated.

Game between GT is great Who won 4 consecutive matches, entered the field in the third week of the match Denso Errebus Who just played two matches, winning one and losing one, and ranked sixth in the results table in this match. GT is great Before the competition, it seemed like he was completely ahead.

In the first group, the duo competed in a fun and friendly way. Denso Errebus Who can play a variety of offensive games collect points and chase amazing Available throughout the collection and at the end of the collection. Denso Errebus Who played narrowly outside the final two points after a 23-23 draw Denso Errebus The first set closed at 25-23 points. Denso Errebus 1-0 lead

Group 2 GT is great The game solved well in this group. But they started with a 5-2 lead. Denso Errebus He returned to prepare the match and led 18-15 points before Denso Errebus It will take the score to the podium at 24-19 points though amazing He will rush to score but can’t catch up. Denso Errebus He closed this set 25-23, taking a surprising 2-0 set lead for volleyball fans.

Group 3 GT is great Unbeatable They accelerated the game from the start of the set, building a 13-6 point lead before regaining their momentum midway through the set. He took away 22-13 points and closed the set with 25-16 points. GT is great Shallow up to 1-2 sets.

Group 4 Denso Errebus Who want to close this game out after taking a 3-0 lead, the game is still on track. Air Ribs Which pushed the points to 15-11 points but then GT is great He returned to good condition in time. The score was chased up to 15-15 points and both were chasing each other all the time at 18-18 points before amazing4 points in a row will be run, leaving a 21-18 point distance at the end of the set before maintaining the points distance. Close this set at 25-21 pips. GT is great Drawn in 2-2 sets.

The fifth set was the deciding set, and both did not give up easily. Score points and chase each other in a fun way, point by point. 2-2,7-7,10-10 through 14-14 must be decided during a tie. And during this time, this is the way. GT is great It’s definitely more playable. He closed this group with 15-17 points.

game over GT is great Overcome and win 3-2 sets 23-25, 23-25, 25-16, 25-21, 17-15GT is great Still firmly holding on to the leader with 5 consecutive wins Denso Errebus He won 1, lost 2, and finished 7th in the standings.

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