Exchanging punches and fighting Noir in a way that no one surrenders to anyone, Ai Mira attacked Teacher Braybone in the face and said: “I hate you” | tvpoolonline.com

After announcing their breakup just a few days ago, Ae Mira Chonviralwanit and her ex-fiancé Puppup announced their separation after being engaged for more than a year.

Recently, Guru Paipun Saengdwayan, her ex-husband, posted a random message saying: “Karma Munna Vathiluku. Heaven has eyes. Does Heaven have a heart? Why?” He had to deal with it to show himself. Protection like this 555+ but for me it is unfortunate ❤️‍🔥 #You trample and slander others to raise your status, karma waits for time💓”

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Ai Mira couldn’t stand it and immediately responded, “Wait a minute, I broke up with my husband, so I became an evil person. This is your brain. We broke up, maybe we didn’t hate each other, but know this, I hate you, who are you? You should?” To ask.

It looks like it’s very hot. Although I don’t have a husband. I can take care of my family. It’s not like you who clings to women for food. Or if it’s your wife, write. I pity you again. I woke up and saw a pair that looked like this. Aren’t you shocked at all? You don’t have to worry about me. I think I will change it a few times. But I come to book my shift all the time. Really low key in nature.

Oops, it could be said to be too strong, however, we will have to wait to hear clarification on Master Braybon’s part as to exactly who the letter was addressed to.

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Another shocking couple: “Two famous singers” announce their “divorce” via Instagram. Fans flock to send encouragement

Friends are deeply saddened after hearing the news of his death.

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