JJ Watt breaks down in tears during a video of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, his family and more

Few players in the NFL are as respected JG Wattso when it is Arizona Cardinals The star announced that he plans to retire after this season, you knew he would get what he deserved.

When Watt’s final game arrived on Sunday, where he completed a career 12 season, 151 games and 114.5 sacks, the Cardinals arranged a surprise for him during Saturday’s team meeting that he captured with “Hard Knocks In Season.”

Cardinals interim head coach Vance picked Joseph Watt, then played a video featuring Watt’s brothers TJ and Derek, Aaron RodgersPeyton Manning Duck PrescottAnd Tom Bradyand parents John and Connie, his wife Kelia, and son Koa.

Watt was close to tears by the time the first speaker, TJ, finished his first sentence and was weeping right at the halfway point:

The messages were mixed but generally reverential, including “See you in Canton” from Rodgers and “I’ve been a pain in my ass for a long time” from Brady. It ended with an emotional message from Kelia:

“It has been such an honor to watch you work your ass up through the years and do everything you need to be the best you can be. You have always been generous, kind, and loving to everyone around you, and you have never forgotten who you are either. I know Koa would be very proud to be your son.”

As you can imagine, wat over appreciated the messages.

Watt’s career wrapped up Sunday with a two-sack performance against San Francisco 49ersAnd To which his fans gave him a standing ovation as he exited the stadium. Like Saturday, he was clearly emotional, like Kelia.

There is little doubt that Watt is not destined for the Pro Football Hall of Fame after his career in which he won three NFL Defensive Player of the Year Awards, five first-team All-Pro nods and the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award in 2017, for his fundraising work in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Although injuries limited his playing time in the second half of his career, his peers knew he was working all the time.

JJ Watt’s high profile career is over. (AP Photo/Godofredo A. Vasquez)

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