Jersey Rescue says there are no survivors.


Channel IslandsJersey Rescue said there were no survivors in the wreckage

After an explosion rocked a building on the island of Jersey on Saturday, emergency services no longer believed they could save people trapped under the rubble. Result: Three dead and twelve missing.

According to emergency services, “a dozen” people may still be buried under the rubble of the building.


Rescuers no longer expected to find survivors under the rubble of a building that collapsed on the island of Jersey off the coast of Normandy earlier in the day, leaving at least three people dead, while “a dozen” people may still be alive. was buried. “I regret to confirm that our search and rescue operations are now rescue operations,” Jersey Police Chief Robin Smith said on Sunday.

A gas leak is believed to be the cause of the tragedy, which occurred in the port of Saint-Helier, the island’s capital, at around 4am local time on Saturday (5am in Switzerland). CCTV footage showed the three-storey beach building engulfed in flames, followed by thick smoke.

Robin Smith said Sunday morning that at least three people were killed and “we will find many more.” “We’ve already said it’s a dozen missing, but it’s hard to estimate. Hopefully we won’t reach that number, but that’s the number we have in mind.

The police chief stressed that clean-up operations “will not take days, they will take weeks”.

Gas smell

According to Robin Smith, questions have been mounting since the tragedy, especially since residents called firefighters on Friday evening hours before the explosion, complaining of a “possible” cause of the explosion.

“Something went wrong as a building exploded and collapsed.”

Paul Brown, local fire chief

“Something went wrong when a building exploded and collapsed,” local fire chief Paul Brown said when asked if residents could trust their service. He said firefighters would “cooperate fully” with “honesty and transparency” to understand “what happened and why.” His priority is to continue research, ensuring the “dignity” of families.

Jersey gas supplier Island Energy said it was working with emergency services to find out what happened.

Two residents of the hospital

Two people were hospitalized Saturday after an explosion rocked the small community of Jersey, a Channel island in the English Channel. A neighbour, Anthony Abbott, told the BBC his flat windows were blown inwards by the blast. “Everything outside was on fire,” he said of “luck.”

Jersey’s head of government, Christina Moore, said she was also woken up by the blast heard across the island. “This is unimaginable news and we are all absolutely devastated and truly concerned for those still missing and those who have lost their lives,” he said on Sunday.


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