Jazz Chuanchuen shows off her direct selling technique in 3 seconds! Zheng Xiangxiang’s cover has nearly 10 million views!! | Madam mouth

That can be said Jazz Chuanchuen or Jazz Spooknick Papillon Kukkuk Who is the cover name? If something happens, it should always be funny. Previously jazz has also been covered by Pee Toyo, whose speaking and dancing style are arranged so that people cannot tell which is jazz and which is tono paquin.

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The latest one is on October 31, 2023 on the list OK come. Jazz is also new with a cover. Cheng Xiang Xiang Chinese online merchants who are creating a huge buzz with every item selling out in just 3 seconds, someone threw a box at her from the side. Pick up the item, say what it is, and then throw the item again. So quickly that F couldn’t make it in time. Which is also covered by jazz. Even opening the box or throwing the box to the person who sent it, just like the real Zheng Xiangxiang came to see him. You may also get chills.

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However, with the must-do-on-time sales technique each item cannot last more than 3 seconds, making even Jazz not know what it is for. There is a pearl cuff.“Uh…not for sale.” Until people explode with joy

They even said that on the fan side I’m already thinking about whether jazz will cover this song. And it’s actually a cover, every time I watch it, it always makes me laugh, and more importantly, the “F” word doesn’t actually exist. Not because good things sell out quickly. But the seller plays this way and delivers mixed items, customers feel dizzy and do not have time to press the button.

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