Jasmine's ghost goes on a rampage, the afternoon is filled with evil, the villain's bill pursuit booms, and the movie “Ruin Tass” hits new high ratings.

Because at the same time Khun soi Characters portrayed by main characters in ancient dramas “Seraphan appeared.” Making the audience stunned by the complete evil attack andTeacher Cleo (Cake Danae) It is one of the reasons why evil has awakened you and your faithful servant now Chloe (My Name) Let's work together to eliminate as many as get in the way Mali (Bom Supaporn), Khun Ratri (Ker Chattarika), Chai (Pi Wanappa) He had recently gotten rid of his good mother-in-law. Khoneing Khai (Nok Jaria) until Busabong (ah i karnit) He hitsEthics (wan rangsit) The flogging is called the “best scene” which brings tears to the audience's eyes. And everyone gave A-Aye the opportunity to be one of the tear-jerking heroines. In this episode, Khun Swee is tricked by the ghost Jasmine Tray! She thought she got rid of Busabong. But in reality, Busabong received help from his parents. Koekon (T Thanafon) Plus, Busabong is determined to find out the truth about Jasmine's ghost. Including the death of Khoneing Khai Noi. What obstacles will Busapong and Koekun face? We will have to wait and see.

Drama story “house of slaves” The higher the density, the stronger the number becomes. “Roen Tas Episode 11” The Bangkok viewer rating was 5.46, the 15+ or group 15 BU+ (Bangkok and urban) viewers rating was 4.79, and the overall nationwide (NATIONWIDE) rating was 3.38 and rising. And it was even more wonderful when “Roen Tas Episode 12” Introducing a new character to surprise and confuse the audience. With the mysterious girl who…Santi (Ninja Warrior) Help and this girl also appeared before Virtue late at night. Makes social media wonder who she is? Have you been possessed by the ghost of Jasmine? Her name is #Ruenthas. Almost every EP is popular. Group 15 BU+ (Bangkok and Urban) won with 4.89

After this, which characters will add more suspense to the drama? “house of slaves” Once again, you have to wait and see, waiting to investigate together every Wednesday – Thursday at 8:30pm on Channel 3. Watch TV, press 33, watch on your mobile, press 3Plus.

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