It's very sad that the boat hit the Baltimore Bridge and divers found the bodies of two people.

A team of American divers found the bodies of two construction workers stuck in a truck under a river. After a cargo ship collided with a Baltimore bridge and collapsed, 4 more people are still missing.

Following the collision of the large cargo ship “Daly” with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Early in the morning at around 1:30 a.m. on March 26, 2024, it collapsed within seconds. It caused injuries to a car and 8 construction workers who were repairing the road surface on the bridge. It fell into the Patapsco River and the rescue team was later able to rescue two workers from the river, while six others are still missing and all are believed to have died.

Maryland State Police issued a press release on Wednesday, March 27, local time. A team of divers found the bodies of two dead construction workers stuck in a truck. With the name of the deceased as Mr. Hernandez Fuentes, 35 years old, from Mexico. And Dorlean Ronuel Costillo Cabrera, 26, from Guatemala.

The situation after a large cargo ship collided with a bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, leading to its collapse on March 26, 2024.

However, at this time, the diver team was unable to dive to search for the four missing people remaining at the scene. Further down the Patapsco River for safety reasons as concrete and debris were found in the river. According to Maryland State Police. Rescue teams are currently using sonar scanning devices to search for missing people and cars that fell into the river. After the collapse of the main bridge

Previously, US rescue teams and divers conducted a multi-hour search and rescue operation for workers in the Patapsco River. After a cargo ship collided with a pier on the Baltimore Bridge, causing it to collapse and eight workers to fall into the river along with their car.

Later, the US Coast Guard search for the missing persons was called off during sunset on the day of the accident. Because the current in the river is very cold. Several hours have passed since this incident. This means that the other six missing construction workers are probably all dead.

However, American officials promised relatives of the six missing construction workers that the search for their bodies would continue. But divers face risks. Because we had to dive and search in the river as the water was very cold. There was also a large amount of scrap metal from the collapsed pier bridge falling into the river.

While Vice Admiral Peter Gauthier of the US Coast Guard also revealed that the cargo ship Daly was registered in Singapore. Which was leased for use by Maersk (Maersk), a giant shipping company. There are 1.5 million gallons of fuel and lubricants on board. The ship was also carrying 4,700 containers, including 56 containers of hazardous materials, and was on its way to Colombo. The capital of Sri Lanka, but the ship broke down. Losing power until it hit the main pier of Key Bridge. The 2.6-kilometre-long vessel collapsed less than 30 minutes after the Daly left Baltimore Harbor.

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