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Based on Shopee’s insistence on providing shopping experiences in the world of e-commerce for many years. This has made Shopee win the hearts of users for a long time, including buyers, sellers and partner brands in various circles. So that Shopee becomes the #1 e-commerce platform that shoppers trust. This is reflected in numerous prestigious awards and survey results from various users, such as the Most Valuable Retail Brands Award in Southeast Asia 2023 from Kantar BrandZ, as well as the Inspiration Growth Award for Most Active E-Commerce Brand in Thailand 2023 from Wunderman. Thompson and many others, we continue to strive to make our platform consistently win the hearts of shoppers.

This year, Shopee is committed to acting on its commitment to creating a superior online shopping experience. And improving the quality of life of users to be more convenient through powerful marketing tools, we are moving towards being “Shopee Beyond The Commerce”, the superior e-commerce by committing to sustainable growth and enhancing the platform’s ability to serve and engage with users.

Karan Ambani, Business Director, Shopee (Thailand), said, “As an expert in the e-commerce space for over 8 years, Shopee is constantly evolving. In addition to continuing to create marketing solutions and tools to fully support stores and partner brands. Willing to provide expertise
Smoother and safer e-commerce for our users. And drive sustainable growth of our business in the best possible way.

Dive into Shopee Beyond The Commerce, setting its sights on becoming more than just an e-commerce platform.

  • Outstanding After-Sales Experience – Creating peace of mind and creating a satisfying post-shopping experience are essential to Shopee's success.

    • Quality Service – Shopee has always given great importance to its users. Both in terms of building trust, credibility and superior convenience in every purchase through our customer service center supported by a Thai team 24 hours a day.

    • There is another program that Shopee emphasizes that is more convenient and faster. Shopee guarantees just one click, fast returns, and free returns, a program that supports product returns with home delivery and no charges.

    • “Safe Shopping with Shopee” Safe Shopping with Shopee – Providing users with a safe shopping experience through a strong partnership with the Royal Thai Police at the MoU signing ceremony on cooperation in supervising and promoting online product trading to achieve concrete security management on our platform

  • Creating Service Behavior Innovation in the Digital Age – Shopee promotes e-commerce as the No. 1, creating cutting-edge innovations that come with the magic that meets users' needs. Promoting full understanding and engagement. Through powerful marketing tools, we lead to providing a distinguished online shopping experience

    • The hottest feature of Shopee Live highlights the “real-time interaction” between buyers and sellers. It can be said that this feature has been popular with Shopee users for a long time. In 2023, it was found that users watched Shopee Live 3 times more and were able to achieve 10 times more sales compared to the previous year.

    • Shopee Video Today, video content is what shoppers are looking for. With attractive content format it also has a significant impact on online purchasing decisions, as it was found that 2 out of every 3 shoppers[1] Watch the product in a short video. This makes Shopee aware of the behavior of this group of users and thus launches “Shopee Video”, the latest feature that is very popular among content creators. Partner brands in terms of entertainment generate income and the ability to provide absolutely the best shopping experience to users

  • Key to Success Using Powerful Marketing Tools – Promoting and supporting merchants and partner brands to grow is one of Shopee's key strategies. Strengthening our role as experts in finding powerful marketing solutions.

    • Shopee Affiliate Marketing Solution (AMS) helps merchants and brands promote their products through a network of product promoter partners. To create awareness and increase the visibility of brands or stores. It also helps stimulate the volume of visits to shops on Shopee which ultimately leads to orders. It turned out that this program was very popular among the target group. During the double dating campaign in the second half of 2023, it was found that participants in this program increased about 3 times, resulting in sales growth of more than 11 times compared to normal periods.

    • Shopee creates powerful marketing campaigns – Shopee's double digit campaign continues to be a strong solution that builds on past successes. With a good understanding and study of shoppers' needs. It also collaborates with brands and stores to achieve continuous growth.

This year, Shopee continues to create campaigns focused on shopper trends with “Shopee Video 4.4, Mega Sale.”[2]” Which makes Shopee Video the hero of the campaign. Through the most important promotions such as Hot Deals, 80% discount, 50% discount code on every video, free delivery for 0 baht.

“All of this is a strategy in which we are committed to further developing Shopee into a complete ecosystem through 3 Moments (3S Moments) that caters to users in terms of surprise, savings and success Finally, on behalf of Shopee, we will continue to create limitless business potential,” Mr. Karan concluded. “Towards the future of e-commerce, which is not limited to online shopping,” he said.

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[1] From the results of Wiseight's “What's Next in Social Media 2024” survey
[2] Read the conditions on the activity page. https://shopee.co.th/m/4-4

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