Italy – Coalition parties prepare to re-elect president


Sergio Materella, 80, has previously said on several occasions that he would not run for president.

Sergio Materella told parliamentary committee leaders who came to meet him that he would “be available” if elected.


Coalition parties in power in Italy are set to re-elect President Sergio Materella on Saturday, fearing political instability in the country if he fails to find a successor.

Mostly ritual character

The 80-year-old President Materella has stated on several occasions that he does not want to remain in office, but has told parliamentary committee leaders who came to meet him during the day that he would “get it” if elected.

Such a situation would ensure stability at the top of the state in a country in the process of economic recovery, with the head of government, maintaining his favorite Mario Tracy at a particular time.

The eighth round started at 4.30pm local time (GMT 3.30pm). With Democrats, the 5-star movement, Italy Viva, Forza Italia and the League calling for him to vote, Sergio Materella is expected to garner the votes of at least 784 key voters (MPs, senators, regional officials). 1009 called to express itself.

The presidency in Italy is largely ceremonial, but it plays an important role in the event of a political crisis in a country where the political landscape is very fragmented. He has the power to dissolve parliament and appoint a prime minister, and he can refuse to rule over alliances he considers weak.

The election for Sergio Matterella’s successor has been dragged out since the beginning of the week, with no name agreement in a parliament without a left or right majority.

Although all political parties represented in parliament, except the far-right Fradelli d’Italia, are part of a coalition supporting the government of Prime Minister Mario Tragi, the right, left and 5-star movement has not failed. Achieve consensus.

In the 5th round, right-wing parties (La Liga, Silvio Berlusconi and Fradelli d’Italia’s Forsa Italia) put forward the candidacy of Elizabeth Caselli, the current leader of the Senate, a candidate for the presidency and former leader Silvio Berlusconi’s government, and the Left and 5 stars.

But the 75-year-old anti-abortion Catholic woman received only 382 of the 453 votes she should have received in theory in her own camp.

Elizabeth Casselli.

Draghi will be very useful to the government

Mario Draghi, the former chairman of the European Central Bank, was a desirable candidate for the presidency before the election, but many parliamentarians are reluctant to vote for him, fearing that leaving the government could destabilize the administration. Election by the end of the 2023 Assembly.

His departure will weaken the recovery of the third economy in the eurozone and implement the reforms needed to benefit billions of euros from the post-European Govt recovery plan, of which Italy is the first beneficiary.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the government-led far-right La Liga party, began Saturday by saying, “We ask Matarella to stay, to continue on the same team with Troki.”

Mario Tracy.

Silvio Berlusconi, who lost the race, said he was ready to vote for Sergio Materella.

“We know we are asking him for a great sacrifice, but we also know we can ask him for the good of the country,” Silvio Berlusconi commented.

According to the media on Saturday, Mario Draghi met with him long enough to accept a new order.

Guido Gosi, an economist at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, said: He explained to AFP that European funds and planned investments would be “guaranteed for the second year in a row” with Mario Draghi leading the administration.

However, after revealing deep divisions among members of the government coalition, a second term will not open under the best patronage of Sergio Matterella.

The center-left daily La Repubblica warned on Saturday that “the year that separates us from the referendum, there is a danger of a recurrence of the chaos we have seen in recent days.


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