French President – Famous Prime Minister: Christian Taubra or Confusion?


Given that the former keeper of the seals is a favorite, the success of the candidate who refuses to recognize the decision cannot be ruled out. Judgment today Sunday evening.

Unlike its three main rivals, Christian Taubra promised to value both the decision and the terms for the future.


The Left is set to suspend the verdict of the Popular Primary on Sunday. Given Christian Taubra’s favorite, at the risk of further escalating the chaos, a surprise cannot be ruled out, including the victory of a candidate who refuses to recognize the decision. About 467,000 registered voters, who began voting online Thursday, are expected to cast ballots by 5:00 p.m. Results should be known by 7:00 p.m.

“Do not get involved in this matter”

Basically, the Popular Primary had a simple purpose: to appoint a champion capable of uniting the entire Left to take the iron to the presidential election and push the door for a second round. To this end, the initiative of these citizens selected seven candidates, from different left-wing sentiments: environmentalist, socialist and insurgent. Clarity.

At least three of the seven candidates – Anne Hidalgo, Yannick Jodot, Jean-Luc Mலlenchon – have said they will not get involved in the affair and will refuse to abide by the referendum results in vain. “For me, the page of the popular primary has been around for a while,” Mr. Jodot said again on Saturday.

In the eyes of 22,000 activists of the Socialist candidacy, 122,000 participants in the environmental primary, nearly 140,000 Republicans and 272,000, the 467,000 registered in the popular primary were hailed as truly popular victories. Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s militant sponsorship. According to its promoters, there is no longer time for big parties, but citizens are ready to revive politics and resurrect the weak left-wing family, which has not weighed a quarter of the vote. .

But what happens if one of the three “beyond us” is declared the winner on Sunday? A scene that cannot be denied as the parties do not prohibit their activists from participating. On the contrary, many socialist federations also called for a vote, and the PS’s No. 2, Corinne Narassiguin, indicated that he would do so. The voting system can also play a role of surprise. Voters should rank candidates with the following ratings: “very good”, “good”, “very good”, “reasonable”, “not enough”. And the candidate with the best interim will win the election.

“She will march for herself.”

To benefit from the support of the popular primary, the winner must then sign a “contract for collection” and “add a sense of planned common ground to his project”. A prerequisite that seems utterly illusory to useless candidates. Mr. Mellonson called the popular primacy “a farce,” and Mr. Jadot describes it as a “losing machine” and Ms Hidalgo as “an attitude that does not create any obligation”.

Thus, Christian Taubra has a very “comfortable” situation against three lesser-known candidates, MEP Pierre Larrouturou and two members of civil society, Charlotte Marchandise and Anna Agueb-Porterie.

Unlike its three main rivals, the former keeper of the Seals has promised to value both decisions and terms for the future. “I will join the nominee. She is obviously the one creating the conditions for the union,” he reiterated on BFMTV on Friday. But what if the winner does not approve of the process? He declined to say whether or not.

To Anne Hidalgo, who believes Ms Taubra’s success scene was “written a little too early”, “there is only one person who recognizes the process, and that is her, so she will march on herself”. In the end, the mayor of Paris says the former justice minister will be “still a candidate” on the left, where we must also trust the Communist Fabian Roussell, who was not elected to the popular primary.

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