Israel threatens to attack Lebanon if “Hezbollah” goes to war: PPTVHD36

The war between Israel and Hamas, now entering its third month, continues to escalate and cause great damage to the lives and property of Gazans. Now the main point of conflict between the two sides is in Khan Yunis, a major city in the southern Gaza Strip. Not far from the Egyptian border.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said it surrounded the home of the Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip. In addition to the fierce fighting in Gaza, Israel has recently signaled that it is ready for war with its northern neighbor, Lebanon.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued this warning. This occurred while traveling to inspect the front line in northern Israel.On this front, Israel’s other enemy is responsible for dealing with Hezbollah

The Israeli army has reached the heart of Gaza. The Hamas leader is believed to be hiding underground.

Israel surrounds Hamas leader’s home in Khan Yunis

The Israeli leader made it clear to the troops that if Hezbollah decides to wage a full-scale war with Israel. At this time the army would establish Beirut, Lebanon, indistinguishable from Gaza.

Warning by Israeli leaders The Israel News Agency reported yesterday that Hezbollah’s targeted missiles have killed Israeli civilians. The address in Fassuta is a city in the northern part of the country

The deceased was 60 years old. His relatives and neighbors jointly organized the last rites according to religious principles in a sad atmosphere.

Hours after the incident, the Israeli Air Force today released images of an attack on a Hezbollah stronghold. A place where Hezbollah launches airstrikes against Israel, claiming it is in response to the killing of Israelis. Military operational bases and observation tower

The IDF’s first attack on Hezbollah saw Israel engage in daily artillery battles with the armed group since the start of the war. A fight broke out between the two sides on the border. causing many injuries and deaths. The attack on a group of Reuters journalists is a case that many parties continue to follow. The popular news agency last mid-October

A panel of experts recently emerged to confirm whether the group of journalists was attacked The Israeli military Reuters and AFP news agencies have released a report on the results of an investigation into the October 13 attack on a group of seven journalists in southern Lebanon.

That day’s attack killed 37-year-old Reuters reporter Issam Abdullah and injured six others.

More recently, after analyzing and investigating the incident from the video footage. Satellite images and information from those who attended the event as well as evidence such as shrapnel from 120 mm bullets.

This led security experts to conclude that the attackers of this group of journalists were Israeli army tanks because the 120mm bullet was the bullet used in the Israeli Merkava tank. And this attack could be a planned attack. Because twice a target group of journalists were shot at.

Following the release of the verdict on the attack on journalists, many parties condemned and called on Israel to investigate. Also responsible for what happened

Alessandra Galloni, the editor-in-chief of Reuters, has come out to condemn the incident, calling on the Israeli authorities to explain the matter and bring the perpetrators to justice. Before she repeats it Reuters news reports are independent, accurate and unbiased. These policies will allow: Journalist protection

Meanwhile, experts from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, a human rights watchdog, held a press conference on attacks targeting civilians and journalists. This is a war crime and should be thoroughly investigated.

Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State for the United Kingdom has commented on the pending confirmation of David Cameron, Washington, DC, has said that the United States calls on Israel to fully investigate the matter, and that the United States expects the results of the investigation to be released later.

After Reuters and AFP came out to release the results of an investigation into the matter, Israeli government spokesman Elon Levy. Israel has yet to receive a special report. But Israel’s position in the war is clear: it targets only Hamas. And Israel does not count civilians as targets. and did everything possible to prevent harm to civilians in the war against Hamas.

Amid tensions over two threats by Hezbollah and the outcome of an investigation into the killing of a journalist by an Israeli tank,

Fighting in Gaza continues fiercely day and night. Especially in Khan Yunis in the south.

Video footage of the sky over the southern Gaza Strip this morning local time. It belched a plume of black smoke and fell to pieces from heavy shelling by Israeli forces.

As the Israeli military seeks to eliminate Hamas leader Yahya Shinwar in Gaza, the southern city is now the hardest-hit Khan Younis. It is believed to be lurking in a house in the city

However, many parties are worried and warned. Launching operations in southern Gaza would be disastrous and dangerous for many civilians. Because the Gazan majority were refugees from the north who came here at the beginning of the war at the behest of Israel. Most displaced Gazans in southern Gaza say they are worried about food shortages. Because it is very difficult to get food now. Even the stores started running out of supplies.

Richard Piepercon, World Health Organization’s Gaza representative visited the hospital area in Khan Younis.

Public health infrastructure in Gaza is critical and has collapsed, a WHO representative said after looking at the state of hospitals in the area.

Meanwhile, senior officials from Doctors Without Borders International (MSF), which provides public health assistance in crisis areas, discussed the situation in Gaza at their office in Geneva. Switzerland

MSF President Dr. Christos Christo told the gathering that the situation in Gaza is now too dire to call a humanitarian crisis. And the conflicting parties must agree to cease the attack. End the blockade and allow people access to the 4 essentials for survival.

Martin Griffiths, Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator, has come out to report that the United Nations is now negotiating with Israel. to open the Kerem Shalom border crossing, another border crossing in the western part of the Gaza Strip to transport humanitarian aid; Negotiations are progressing well and there are indications that a decision will be reached soon.

Apart from various agencies, yesterday Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi also spoke about what is happening in the Gaza Strip when he met Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow, Russia.

The Iranian president says the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza is the result of unilateral decisions and at the same time an unfair world political system. He has called what is happening in Gaza a genocide and a crime against humanity.

Amid heavy attacks across the Gaza Strip, many sides are urging both sides to sign a ceasefire agreement. However, Israel’s main ally, the United States, came out to signal that a cease-fire agreement to end the large-scale devastation was not imminent.

John Kirby, a spokesman for the U.S. National Security Council, reported that the parties involved were no closer to reaching an agreement on a ceasefire or hostage release, but the U.S. would continue to try to obtain information about the hostages still in Gaza.

In addition to the release of the hostages, CNN today reported on an issue of interest to many: the arrest of several men in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli military.

The reason many parties were interested was that she was ordered to strip to her underwear, kneeled on the road, blindfolded, and loaded into the cargo bed of an army vehicle. Relatives and close friends of the man in the film, which is considered offensive, told CNN that some of them were civilians. Not a terrorist group

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Watch said Israeli forces arrested the men who posted the photo, including internally displaced people, doctors, academics, journalists and the elderly. Random and capricious

However, the Israeli authorities have not yet commented or clarified on the issue.

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