Israel pledges to close the Gaza Strip until Hamas releases all hostages Daily News

Foreign news agencies report from Tel Aviv. Israel On October 12, the Israeli Ministry of Energy issued a statement. The transfer of food, clean water, fuel, medicine, as well as humanitarian aid in any form will not be allowed into Gaza until Hamas releases all hostages.

Many have estimated the number of hostages under Hamas’ control. Their number was between 150-200 people, including foreigners. Most of them were kidnapped on October 7, the first day of the Hamas insurgency. Launched a cross-border attack from Gaza into Israel.

Israeli soldiers patrol the border with Gaza. Southern Israel

Meanwhile, the United Nations continues to call on Israel to end its blockade of the Gaza Strip. By demanding consideration of the principles of humanity. There are currently more than 340,000 homeless people in the Gaza Strip. The effects of the Israeli military attacks and I am still waiting for help from abroad.

Image source: Agence France-Presse

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