Breaking down the ranks of the ONE Muay Thai division, the flyweight division, which Yohan Ghazali must pass if he wants to sit on the throne.

Passing the toughest stage of the ONE Muay Thai rankings, Flyweight (125-135 lbs) at “Yohan Ghazali“You must face the inevitable if you hope to sit on the throne of the generation that has it.”Tangtang Jitmuangnon“Sitting and waiting is the final stage.

Yohan GhazaliA 16-year-old Malaysian-American has just etched his name into history. After his brilliance, he defeated top boxers in 4 consecutive fights. Until he made Bigg Bosswarrior“I decided to award contracts to the athletes worth US$100,000 (about 3.7 million baht at the current exchange rate) as prizes, resulting in “Johan“He instantly became the youngest contracted athlete in history.

Watch One Lumpini clip, October 6, 2023, Yohan Ghazali vs. Temerlan Bekmurzayev.

Johan v. Temerlan (October 6, 2023)

from now on.”Johan“You will have to chase your dreams in one game with the ultimate goal of challenging the throne from your idol.”Tangtang Jitmuangnon“But until that day comes”Johan“The difficult barrier in the ONE rankings must first be overcome, which world-class athletes will be there, let’s take a look.

No. 5 Elias Mahmoudi


Elias MahmoudiA very skilled Algerian boxer, recently recovered from injury. Returning to the ring after two years of explosive form, TKO defeat He defeated the former Mexican contender for the throne “Edgar Tabares” in the first round with an exceptional performance. As a result, he is currently ranked fifth in the rankings.

Fourth place: Taiki Naito


Taiki Naito“A talented young boxer. From this land where the sun shines he comes with experience in ONE as rich as anyone in the rankings. He has been in the ring for 9 fights and has stood and exchanged blood with two such tough guys”Jonathan Haggerty” And “Superlake Kiatmo 9“It came out very impressive

No. 3: Dit Duang Lik Ted 99


“Rising star in the rankings”Dit Duang Lik Ted 99“A new ONE athlete, only 20 years old, propelled himself into third place by performing the kicking song ‘Taiki Naito’, besting the top Japanese boxers. He agreed to sit in the number 4 chair instead, while another able To defeat a boxer as fit as Kong Seok Vertex who has currently won by unanimous decision in 4 fights in a row.

Second place: Walter Gonsalves


A fierce young boxer from Brazil. Able to maintain second place in the rankings for a long time. In the past, he was a former competitor.Tangtang Jitmuangnon“It is used to compete with”Superlake Kiatmo 9“He has made it to the ONE Muay Thai World Grand Prix, and the flyweight division is another threat in the division that no one can underestimate.

No. 1 Superlake Kiatmo 9


Superlake Kiatmo 9“The World Kickboxing Champion from the same division has just fought a historic Muay Thai bout of the past 50 years, defeating his best friend, the king of his generation’s throne.”Tangtang Jitmuangnon“It can be done under Muay Thai Super Fight rules, catch weight 140 pounds, originally this fight should have a world championship belt.tank“It’s a bet, but because”Very smallI missed the move and fell on the scale. Hence having to miss the opportunity to win the World Championship. It’s a shame to go.

for “Very small“This is considered the most difficult stage in the rankings. By holding on to the No. 1 chair for a long time and also the word “lose” cannot be written in the rules of Muay Thai.

World Muay Thai Flyweight Champion Rodtang Jitmuangnon


Tangtang Jitmuangnon“The unparalleled world champion ascends to sit on the throne of a generation with his unanimous decision victory over his eternal rival.”Jonathan Haggerty“In 2019 and has currently fought to defend his throne 5 times and has never lost to anyone in the Muay Thai rules, flyweight division.

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