Iran: Leopard sows panic in the city


Local media reported that the cat had assaulted a police officer before being caught.

The animal came to town in search of food.

The animal came to town in search of food.

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Local media reported that a leopard attacked a policeman on Sunday morning and caused panic among residents of a city in northern Iran before being captured. In the Kemshahar area, “the animal attacked and injured a policeman before fleeing towards the garden,” Masantharan provincial environmental spokesman Kamir Valipuri, the official Irna agency, told PTI. “The health of the police officer did not cause concern,” he added.

Irna said the leopard was captured and taken to a protected area called Semaskande in the same area. According to Valipor, the provincial environment department is investigating whether the animal entered the city from the wild or lived illegally with locals.

Other wild animals

Hamzahri, City Hall Daily reports that many wild animals, including wolves and foxes, have been spotted in Iran’s urban areas in recent weeks. The newspaper mentions that there is a bear in Marvadasht (south) and a wolf attacked a two year old girl in Kalkal (northwest).


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