iPhone 15 Pro Max, a truly clear zoom camera that overcomes all the drama

After launch iPhone 15 series Many people wait on smartphones and then take a break. What Comes Next It’s all the drama you could hope to demand use of. Including the iPhone design starting with the Type C port which cannot be used with other cables. It is not from Apple directly and must be purchased as it is not included in the box. Even arriving to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, designed with the same grade of titanium used in the aerospace industry. It claims to be beautiful, durable and lightweight. But users found that the machine’s paint seemed to be peeling off. After I’ve been able to use it for a while

However, there is a lot of praise for the iPhone 15 series, especially regarding the new triple camera system that Apple introduced for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is a big change. It can be called the waiting equation.

The camera in the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max has a 48-megapixel main camera and the same 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera. The difference is the 12-megapixel Telephoto camera, where the iPhone 15 Pro can zoom 3 times while the iPhone 15 Pro Max can zoom 5x. Makes the magnification superior. They all use a sapphire lens protector to protect the front of the lens. Helps strengthen the lens. But clear good exposure still maintains beautiful photographic performance

Highlights of the new iPhone camera The telephoto lens on iPhone 15 Pro Max provides 5x optical zoom and extends to 25x digital zoom, compared to 15x on iPhone 14 Pro Max, and helps iPhone 15 Pro Max zoom closer to the subject. At the same time, it provides better accuracy and clarity. Provides a near-perfect level of clarity and detail in the active phase. This one received a lot of praise.

Portrait photography with the iPhone 15 Pro Max at 3x zoom is very good, capturing full, sharp details of the person, and in the 5x zoom range, the focal length is equivalent to 35mm depending on the zoom level in the app. Take beautiful, clear photos that fit your mobile phone camera. The distance can be adjusted through the appropriate camera app “1x”, “2x” and “5x”, and you can also select the focus point. You can adjust the blur after pressing the shutter.

But no matter how good the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera is, it still has some weaknesses. Right down to the camera lens housing, which bulges out a lot from the back cover. Cause when placed on the ground there will be a dip. It is a problem to use. The risk of the camera lens being damaged, cracked or scratched.

But no matter how good the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera is, it still has some weaknesses. Right down to the camera lens housing, which bulges out a lot from the back cover. Cause when placed on the ground there will be a dip. It is a problem to use. There is a risk of the camera lens being damaged, cracked or scratched, so install accessories that protect the camera lens. Therefore, it is something that should not be overlooked. You should not choose to search in terms of price only. Due to different properties it is also important.

Highly recommended Sapphire glass protects the camera lens It is made of real, GIA-certified sapphire, has a 9H hardness level, second only to diamond, and is scratch-resistant. Don’t worry about damaging the camera lens.

If you ask if the camera performance has decreased? When the sapphire glass was installed to protect the camera lens, testing found that you could barely see the difference in before and after photos taken from the iPhone 15 Pro Max camera. Because the camera lens protection glass uses the same material as the iPhone 15 Series lens, the lens clarity is no different. It still produces beautiful images with every detail, bright and sharp, naturally.

Compare photos Devices without a Sapphine lens with The device is equipped with a Safin lens.

In terms of beauty, the sapphire glass protects the camera lens, the sapphire lens has shades to choose from depending on the color of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and the surface looks smooth with the back cover. The edges of the lenses are brighter than regular lenses. Once installed, it’s not bulky. Look beautiful and comfortable. Ready to protect your camera lens with peace of mind.

Comparing Devices without a Sapphine lens with The device is equipped with a Safin lens.

Sapphire glass protects the camera lens, and the sapphire lens is priced at 1,390 baht. There are 3 shades to choose from depending on the color of the device: blue, silver and grey, as well as a 120-day warranty and free replacement. When a rupture occurs

Or if anyone wants a classic, simple look, Ablemen also has other types of camera lens protection glass. Let’s choose according to each person’s lifestyle, starting from

  • Lens is dead Lens protection glass with a strong aluminum frame. Good protection against scratches. You can use the flash normally. Does not cause refractive distortion. The pictures came out beautifully.

Lens is dead There are colors to choose from depending on the color of the machine. It retails for 690 baht, with a 90-day warranty and free replacement if cracked.

  • Transparent glass lens It is a transparent glass covering the camera lens. Prevents scratches well Gives ordinary flash light capture clear pictures Tightly attached to the camera lens.

  • Full glass lens It will be clear glass that covers the base and the entire camera lens. Without separating into single lens pieces like the three types mentioned above. It can be installed tightly that does not make the camera unit look big or bulky. The flash can be used normally

When protecting the camera lens, don’t forget to protect the iPhone 15 Series screen as well. Apple Corning Gorilla 3D Glass Full screen, down-curved protective glass that’s five times stronger than before, and uses the same glass material as Corning Gorilla Glass, the same glass used in the iPhone 15’s screen, so it’s smooth to the touch and the screen is sharp and clear as if no film was applied. Prevent screen damage without worry.

The 3D Corning Gorilla Glass is priced at 1,590 baht and comes with a full 1-year warranty from Ablemen, and a one-time free replacement when cracked.

There is also Crystal glass It is a glass to protect the crystal glass screen. The glass material uses the same grade as that used in fighter aircraft. Up to 10 times stronger than before, so you can be confident in its durability. Complete protection against scratches is available for sale at a price of 2590 baht with a 5-year warranty.

In order to support every lifestyle, Applemen sent 3 additional types of protective glass films as options to meet usage needs as follows:

  • material : Matte glass film reduces fingerprints and reflections on the screen, suitable for gamers. It provides an accurate touch experience at a price of 1090 baht.
  • Privacy : It is glass that increases privacy. Blocks prying eyes from the user’s side. Suitable for those who have to travel by public transportation. Or in a place with a lot of people, the price is 1,090 baht.
  • Blue light cut: Glass helps cut blue light Take care of your eyes when you have to stare at the screen for a long time. Especially the content line but it also provides clarity and indulgence to the fullest extent. Its price is 990 baht.

For people who want complete protection, we recommend Applemin shockproof case Shockproof case for iPhone 15 series can protect from all-round shock, beautiful design, available in many designs. It also has a full one-year warranty.

Channels to order Ablemen products

For those who want camera lens protective glass film, screen protective glass film and Ablemen brand bumper cases can be ordered through all channels, including official Ablemen Online, Studio 7, iStudio, Jaymart, AIS and dealer stores nationwide.

With special privileges for Siamphone fans, you can use the code “spip15” through the Ablemen website at the link. https://ablemenbrand.com/th Get 100 baht discount on purchase of at least 1,000 baht.

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