Investors are waiting for key inflation data

US Treasury yields fell on Friday as investors awaited economic data that could affect the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policy and as talks continued over a debt ceiling deal.

At 5:51 a.m. ET, the yield on the 10-year Treasury note was down 3 basis points, at 3.783%. The two-year Treasury yield traded at 4.491% after falling nearly 2 basis points.

Yields and prices move in opposite directions. 1 basis point equals 0.01%.


specific a company fruit changes % is changing
US1M US Treasury for one month 6.026% +0.327 0.00%
US3M US Treasury for 3 months 5.452% +0.08 0.00%
US6M US Treasury for 6 months 5.498% +0.066.0000.00 0.00%
US1Y US Treasury for a year 5.261% +0.025 0.00%
US2Y US Treasury for two years 4.489% -0.021 0.00%
US10Y US Treasury for 10 years 3.783% -0.032 0.00%
US30Y US Treasury for 30 years 3.971% -0.033 0.00%

On Friday, investors await the release of the personal consumption expenditures price index for April, the Fed’s preferred measure of inflation. In recent weeks, Fed officials have given mixed messages about what could be next for interest rates.

Some have indicated that they would prefer to pause the Fed’s rate hike campaign as they do not believe the full impact of the higher rates has passed through to the economy yet. Others seem to believe that further rate hikes may be necessary to bring down inflation, or that said decisions will depend on upcoming economic data.

Also expected on Friday are personal spending, income and durable goods orders data.

Investors continued to monitor the debt ceiling deal negotiations as the June 1 deadline looms when the US could default on its debt obligations. Republican negotiator Patrick McHenry said Thursday that the talks appeared to be closing in on an agreement on Thursday, but that “sensitive issues” were still being discussed.

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