Introducing 4 iPad styluses for people on a budget, updated for 2024.

recommendAffordable stylus pens for iPad 2024 It comes with palm rejection, compression, and more features that help you take notes, draw, and write like a pro on a budget!

Introducing 4 iPad styluses for people on a budget, updated for 2024.

Whoever bought an iPad, used it, and ran out of money, I want a good stylus to use for taking notes and drawing. The team has several interesting pen models that can be used instead of the Apple Pencil to recommend. Each model has different strengths and prices. It depends on your needs and budget what will you have?

1. Jojodoc Stylus Pen Model GD13 (Approx. Price: 699฿)

A popular stylus that is very popular among iPad users due to its accessible price. It has many interesting features, no need to connect to Bluetooth, just turn on the switch and you can use it immediately. Suitable for novice users.

This device has a palm rejection function to help prevent accidental touches while writing or drawing. It makes it more convenient to use as it supports compression. It makes it possible to draw lines of different thicknesses.

You can use this stylus to tap the iPad screen twice to use the Tap to Wake feature to wake the screen.

The GD13 model attaches magnetically to the body of your iPad, and the pen tip is replaceable when worn. Extends the life of the pen. The battery lasts a long time on a single charge.

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2. Baseus Large Capacity Pen (approx. £1,490)

Another popular model that is considered one of the cheapest stylus pens on the market due to the features it has. Beautiful design made of aluminum alloy and plastic. The pen tip is made of good quality material. Provides a smooth and precise touch when writing or drawing.

Supports shading. Line thickness can be adjusted depending on pressure. This makes it suitable for drawing and sketching, and most importantly, this pen has a palm rejection function, allowing you to rest your hand on the screen without interfering with your writing.

The pen has a built-in 130mAh battery, it takes about 1 hour to fully charge via the Type-C port, and it can be used continuously for 8.5 hours when fully charged. It also has a smart power saving mode. It will turn off automatically if not used for 5 minutes.

The highlight is the ability to bring a pen. It magnetically attaches to the side of your iPad and charges instantly. When you want to use it, it's easy to plug in, just press the power button on the pen and it's ready to use right away.

In the box there is one spare pen nib and a TYPE-C charging cable, which is pretty good value if you compare the price and what's included. Anyone with a budget of 1000 baht, I recommend this model.

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3. Logitech Crayon (appr. £2,199)

The price of this model is a little higher than other models but it comes with good quality. Strong material, resistant to drops and impacts. Designed as a flat pen. Can be used smoothly Provides a natural writing and drawing experience. Accurate to the pixel, close to the Apple Pencil.

This pen also has a palm rejection function to prevent accidental touches while writing or drawing. The pen supports pressure, and the intensity of the lines can be adjusted according to the weight being compressed.

Built in battery can be used for up to 7.5 hours per full charge, charging via port. USB-C/Lightning is at the bottom of the pen and there is an auto shut off system when not in use. Can connect to iPad quickly There is an on/off button. Pen is included.

This is recommended for children who love drawing and writing. Or someone with a slightly larger budget. If you are bored with the Apple Pencil design, you can try playing with this design. You will definitely not be disappointed.

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4. Adonit New Duo (£599 approx.)

As for the Adonit Neo Duo pen, it is easy to use. There is no need for a Bluetooth connection and it works right out of the box. Just tap on the screen.

This pen features a beautiful design. The material is made of aluminum, which is lightweight and easy to carry, in addition to supporting iPad, it also supports some Android tablets, but if used with iPad, the pen can be attached to iPad with magnet.

This pen has a palm rejection function that allows you to place your hand on the screen while writing without any issues. The pen tip is replaceable. It can be removed and replaced by yourself when worn.

Another interesting thing is that there is a mode for iPhone and iPad, no need to connect to Bluetooth, if the green light appears, it can be used with all Apple and Android devices.

If the battery runs out, it can be charged with a USB-C port, and you can charge it while you type. It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes to fully charge, and can be used for up to 9 hours.

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The Four Recommended Pen Models It is a popular model. It has received praise from many users. Please choose to purchase according to your budget. And the features you want to use Enjoy drawing and writing.

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