Awesome, the plane is about to take off. Passengers had to be evacuated after the body of a dead man was found in the engine

What was terrifying was that the plane was about to take off and head to Denmark. Passengers must be evacuated in case of emergency. After a man's body was found inside a jet engine

Foreign media reported the tragic accident that occurred at Schiphol Airport. In Amsterdam, Netherlands, a KLM plane was waiting to take passengers to their flight to Denmark. After all the passengers boarded the plane, the captain started the engine in preparation for the flight, but something unusual happened before he realized that someone had been sucked into the engine.

Meanwhile, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines issued a statement saying: This person who died fell into a running engine and died. The reason for the engine suction is still unclear. What is the reason exactly?

Dutch police officials revealed this after the horrific accident, and officials helped evacuate all passengers from the plane. The victim's body was also removed from the engine. But the police did not reveal the identity of the victim. There will also be an investigation into whether this horrific incident was caused by an accident. Or intention to commit suicide

The aircraft in question was an Embraer operated by KLM on short-haul flights to destinations near the Netherlands. As for Schiphol Airport, it is considered an airport known for being subject to strict security procedures. Very few incidents were recorded.

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