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India pushes $3 billion project that hopes to transform Dharavi, Mumbai, one of the world’s largest slums, into a modern city | Image source: TripSavvy

Voice of America It was reported in late November 2023 that Dharevi, Mumbai, is one of the largest slum communities in the world. It is planned to be developed into a modern urban center. This massive project has created both opportunities and concerns for the livelihoods of people in these communities.

Abdul Qader Al Ansari, owner of a tailoring shop, which has been operating for about four years, revealed a development plan worth $3 billion to remove slums and build modern buildings. This made him feel anxious about the future of his current job.

“My shop here will be closed and the buildings will be built,” Qadir Al Ansari said. I don’t know whether there will be a place to continue farming or not.

The government has signed a contract with Adani Group to develop approximately 1,562 rai of land in Dharavi. The heart of Mumbai is home to a slum community where millions of people live. They are planning to build a housing building. Including commercial buildings in the aforementioned area

Pramod Kadi, a native of Dharavi The family has lived here for many generations. The upcoming developments offer hope for the next generation. “My father’s generation and my grandfather’s generation live here,” Cuddy said. “At least the next generation will live in the building. It’s something a lot of them dream about.”

But some expressed concern. This change in Dharavi city will cause people to lose their livelihood as they used to. Hundreds of production centers spread along the alleyways have been producing leather and pottery bags for decades. These production sites are informal businesses whose economic value is estimated to produce products worth approximately $1 billion.

Jaya Bihan, a pottery shop owner in the community is deeply concerned about the changes taking place. She said the company that supported the family had to close: “No one will hire people my age. We are people who have not studied. Only educated people will get jobs.”

Mekha Gupta, owner of the website employs workers to produce products from poor communities, giving the information that “People here work just to survive. There is no more prosperity. Because it is a job with very little profit.

Gupta is confident about the transformation of Dharavi city. It will come with taking care of the business side of people in the community. She believes that we cannot ask millions of people to leave their region and look for work elsewhere. However, this project is not easy. This has never happened before anywhere on the planet.

According to the report, there has been no discussion with people in the community so far. Sajwan Maruti Kambli, a leather worker, said the upper floors of every house in the community are the working area and the project developer should take care of housing and livelihood.

All the issues that concern the people of the peak community, it is something that still does not have a clear answer. However, there is an optimistic view that this development will help revive it. – Improving the living conditions of millions of people

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