In Paris, the town hall distributes 10,000 pumpkins to the homeless affected by the heat wave.

The city announced on Monday that it would measure the time of the heatwave warning in the French capital when it exceeded 40 degrees on Tuesday. Shelters have been strengthened and parks are open until midnight to protect the most vulnerable from the heat.

On Monday, Paris’s town hall implemented its heat wave plan: parks open until midnight, refreshment rooms open to the public, vulnerable people contacted by phone, and there is no shortage of activities. As expected, temperatures in the French capital reached 40 degrees on Tuesday.

Officials have informed street people that robbery has intensified. For 3 weeks, city officials have already distributed 10,000 water bottles to the homeless, usually planned for the entire summer.

A Town Hall press release said most of the parks that were closed due to “specific surveillance equipment” would remain open until midnight.

Three schoolhouses are open to the public on Monday and Tuesday evenings, and “Renovated Rooms” are open in the afternoon at District Town Halls and Dependent Elderly (Ehpat) Home Institutions.

In addition to the approximately thirty public swimming pools, six ephemeral pools have opened as part of the Paris Plage, however, under threat of a strike notice initiated by agents for the entire summer.

Monitoring of the most vulnerable

The town hall is mobilizing its doctors and volunteer doctors for the event, saying that about 10,000 vulnerable people registered in the “Reflex” file will be contacted by phone to assess their health.

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The city’s heatwave plan is linked to an orange alert triggered by Météo France across Ile-de-France from Sunday. This Wednesday, Paris remains only on yellow alert, but fourteen departments in the east are placed on heat wave orange alert.


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