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How to prevent viruses and malware on Android mobile phones: Android is a more open platform than Apple, but there is a higher possibility of malware occurring as well, so Google has solved this problem with Google Play Protect to prevent it. Apps That Hide Malware Many of you may be thinking about installing an antivirus app on your Android phone to treat it like Windows. In fact, you can protect yourself from viruses by following these simple steps and using them carefully.

Download the channel’s official app and safe sites only

Number 1 is downloaded through the Google Play Store because it was verified by Google Play Protect during installation and is already installed. Or download the application from one of the trusted sites. In case of actual necessity, such as APK files downloaded from APK mirror This channel is also considered safe because it is verified before agreeing to publish the APK file on the website for Android users to download.

On the other hand, if you are downloading an APK file from a website you don’t know. Let’s find the information first. Is this the developer’s site? Software developer Is it well-known and trustworthy? Has anyone else reviewed this program? If not, do not download and install APK files from unknown web sources.

Avoid third-party app stores

Nowadays, there are many other download stores like Amazon App Store and F-Droid, however, you should not download unknown apps. And where can you download the app store that you probably don’t know about? It is best to download it only from the Google Play Store.

Do not install applications that violate any copyrights.

Android may consider a way to root or download apps similar to popular apps. This can also be dangerous.

Make sure that the app you download from the Google Play Store is genuine.

There was an incident of a fake Whatsapp app on Play Store and it was downloaded more than a million times. It’s a very smooth fake. Even the developer’s name is almost identical to the real WhatsApp developer, which is scary, and Google is taking serious steps to curb this kind of problem. But a little due diligence can go a long way. When you install a new application notice anything unusual. Check permissions to read the description and check the developer name if something isn’t right, it may not be a real app. Don’t download it.

Always update your applications and operating system to new versions regularly.

How to prevent viruses and malware on your Android phone

Monthly security patches for Android help prevent vulnerabilities in apps from being exploited. Although some mobile phone manufacturers do not release updates as quickly as required, but it is your duty to install every update. Although it does not offer all the new features. But it can help protect against hacking attacks. This update takes at least 15 minutes. The maximum time is 1 hour to update the Android version.

If you are careful when browsing the web download apps from Google Play Store or any trusted APK download source. This will help you stay safe from viruses and malware on your Android phone.

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How to prevent viruses and malware on your Android phone

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