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If you notice that often there are news reports of fires in buildings and homes. It will be seen that the cause is mostly short circuit problems and Extension plugIt is one of the important factors. This is often the start of a fire. But of course, in almost every home and every office building all power strips are indispensable electrical equipment. Therefore, choosing to purchase an extension cord that meets the standards is important and everyone should understand. For the safety of your life and property

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How to buy a safe power strip What should I look at?

Extension lead or power stripelectrical equipmentThis is important which will be used to connect electricity from the main outlet and distribute it to different points. There are many types of power plugs to choose from. But if you want to choose to buy one to use in your home as well as use it in different places. For safety reasons, you must choose a power strip that conforms to the standards and is suitable for use, so Global House has compiled a method for selecting and purchasing power strips as follows.

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Choose to purchase a trailer plug bearing the TIS symbol.

The first thing that will help ensure safety for users is to choose to purchase an extension cord with a label that supports industry product standards. Or with TIS code (2555-2432). This code will be clearly displayed on the box or power plug product.

Choose a power strip that meets TIS standards.

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In addition to the extension plug, it must also meet the standards. The wire connected to the power strip must also be a standard wire and bear the TIS symbol, it must bear the TIS 11-2010 symbol which is a mandatory standard. It is another standard separate from the TIS power strip.

Port integrity monitoring.

The power port is another important point that buyers or consumers should pay attention to. The first thing to note is TIS 166-2006, the next part is the outlet legs. For safety the socket legs should be made of brass or brass. This is because the port pins are part of the internal circuit board. Therefore, you should choose materials that will conduct electricity well. To reduce the risk of fire extinguisher plugs in the future. The last part is important. The socket outlet must be of the three-pin type and must have grounded L (line), N (neutral) and G (ground) wires. To prevent electrical leakages or short circuits.

The trailer plug head or plug base must be insulated.

In addition to the TIS symbols at various points mentioned previously, around the port or connection head area there should be a tight seal covering the thigh. To prevent direct contact, the voltage of the outlet and the socket must be the same. The outlet voltage must not be less than the outlet voltage.

The material of the trailer plug should be plastic that can withstand heat well.

The box is used to cover the extension cord. It should be made of good plastic. It must be able to withstand heat according to UL94 standards, for example ABS plastic, AVC plastic, PC, etc. But if you choose to use a power strip with non-standard materials it may be at risk of sparks and catch fire easily.

Choose a power strip equipped with a power cut-off system.

For another safety step, choose to purchase a power strip with a power cut-off system. Or it has a safety break system and it will help cut off the electricity when the electricity usage exceeds the specified limit. This may result in a risk of damage and the cut-off system that comes with the plug must be certified according to IEC 60934.

Choose a power strip that has an on/off switch on the power strip.

If there are multiple outlets in a power strip in addition to the switch that controls the main power supply, you can choose outlets that have control switches on each power strip. This type of power plug is called “parallel connection” is an add-on that is an option. If you choose to purchase an extension cord with this add-on you should choose one bearing the code TIS 824-2008 or IEC61058.

Article summary

Although power strips are an electrical device that everyone knows, few people know what to consider when choosing a power strip. Therefore, this article will help consumers be able to choose and purchase an extension cord that is safe to use. To reduce the problem of electric leakage or short circuit. But if you are not confident about purchasing, you can come and choose standard power strips through the Global House website as well. We have chosen plugs that are guaranteed to be 100% standard and safe to use.

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