How do you take care of your feet and legs to keep them soft, supple and healthy?

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A dermatologist and beautician suggested techniques to care for the feet and legs to keep them soft, supple and healthy.

Feet and legs are not only important organs in the body, but if anyone has them foot And Skinny legs And it’s nice and smooth too. It is even more guaranteed to stand out and add charm to girls.The brand of skin and hair health care products “THANN” in cooperation with Dr. Anatasha Asdamongkul Techniques recommended by skin and beauty professionals “Take care of your feet and legs to be soft, supple and healthy.”

Dr. Anatasha Asdamongkul

Dr. Anatasha I suggest it foot And Skinny legs It is a very important organ of the body. In addition to supporting the body’s weight, it supports movement, reflects the work of other body organs, and works to support the pelvis and spine to maintain body balance. If the foot becomes deformed or the shape of the foot changes, other organs will also become disturbed and abnormal. Therefore, the health of the feet and legs is an indicator of the general health of the body.

Such as during the rainy season the weather is unstable and it rains frequently. Having to face the problem of flooding Wading in dirty water causes dampness and is a source of accumulation of fungi and bacteria. Which leads to associated diseases foot Followed by like Foot rot, athlete’s foot, fungi, skin disease AndLeptospirosis

Therefore, taking care of your feet is something that requires proper attention and care and should not be neglected. This can be done via

  • Soak your feet in warm water and massage or scrub them with soap for 10 minutes every day. In addition to helping prevent skin diseases and reducing bad foot odor, this will also help. It also helps to relax.
  • Exfoliate your feet regularly. Especially in the heel area. To remove old dead skin cells. Helps reduce symptoms of dry feet. Feet can be broken
  • Apply moisturizing skin care products to your legs, insteps, soles of your feet, edges and toenails, avoiding the areas between your toes. Because it can easily cause suffocation, especially for those whose toes press together.
  • Before wearing socks or shoes, you must first check whether your feet are dry or not. If your feet are wet and you are wearing socks or shoes, this may cause foot dermatitis. It can be a cause of bad smelling feet
  • Wear socks to keep the skin moist and reduce friction. By choosing to use socks that do not contain layers. It is not too tight and you have to change a new pair every day.
  • Toenails should be cut reasonably short along the edge of the nail. Without cutting the nails deep into the skin, cut the toenails carefully and in the correct way.
  • If you have hard skin, calluses, warts or calluses, you should consult a doctor for treatment. Do not cut corns, warts, or calluses yourself.

In addition to those mentioned above, there are also factors that may negatively affect health. foot And Skinny legs Without realizing it from doing daily activities such as

  • Standing for long periods of time makes the leg muscles tense. Fatigue occurs, leading to leg pain and tight lines in the leg.
  • Long walk It is the repetitive use of the leg muscles. It causes muscle fatigue followed by leg pain
  • Exercises such as running and squatting directly use the leg muscles. Especially those who run regularly. There may be pain in the outer part of the thigh. Continue down to the outside of your knee.
  • Sitting in the same position for a long time causes pressure on the buttock muscles. It is a condition in which the buttocks muscle presses on the nerve and pain occurs in the buttocks. Pain in the back of the thigh, knee joints, and leg pain may also occur.
  • Sitting with your legs crossed regularly will cause the weight to be pressed unevenly on the bottoms. Risk of scoliosis If the knee joint is twisted and misshapen with the knee being repeatedly crossed over the top it will begin to feel pain.
  • Overuse of your leg muscles or sitting with your legs hanging all day so your muscles are not used. It may cause pain in the calves or cramps.
  • Wearing high heels regularly makes your body weight shift forward around your toes. It causes tension in the spine. The knee joints are stressed all the time. If you have to wear high heels, you should rest your feet every hour.

Massaging the feet and legs is a way to relieve muscle pain, reduce swelling, and stimulate the work of various body systems, and it can be used with relaxation products.

  • Foot massage Use your hands to press and massage the feet, then gently press down with your thumbs with a little weight. Massage in circles in the area experiencing pain and stiffness. Or you can use your elbow to help massage your feet.
  • Calf massage By placing your feet on the footstool or chair. Use your hands to roll and squeeze your leg muscles up and down. It will help relax tense muscles. Then place your left foot on your right knee. Then he hit his fist gently. All around the calf area followed by grabbing your ankles and rotating them about 10 times, alternating on both sides.
  • Thigh massage Place your hands around your thighs with your thumbs on the front of your legs, then gently press up and down about 10 times, then use your fists to gently stroke all of your thighs in a rhythmic manner.
  • Shin massage By pressing and massaging the area next to the shin bone up to the tip of the foot 5-10 times, then gently rolling. If there is severe pain, press and hold for 5-10 seconds and release. To relax the muscles

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