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For fans of period series Bandit song It’s a very interesting series. Because in addition to the atmosphere of the war era on the Korean Peninsula in the early twentieth century, there are also parts of the history of Korea’s struggle for independence. This is a romantic story about love during the redemption of the Earth, and it must be said that anyone who loves watching such series should not miss it.


This series will continue the events from the end of the story. Mr. Sunshine (2018) during the period when Japan won the naval war with Russia, causing…Olsa TreatyThe essence of this treaty concerns Japan’s rule of Korea as a protectorate. It marked the end of the Joseon dynasty and the beginning of a difficult era under a long period of highly exploitative rule that lasted nearly 40 years.

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During this time, thereNational Rescue TeamThis has happened in many places, but in… Bandit song He will talk about the National Rescue Team and the local independent bandits.Gondo(Jiantao) is currently probably located near the North Korean border, near the border of the autonomous region.Yan BianIn China andVladivostokIn Russia

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GondoIt is located in the northeastern region of China. In the late Qing Dynasty, it was a barbaric region for bandits who were gaining power. Because there was a Japanese army behind it. What stands out here is thatJoseon peopleLive a lot, even though you’ve lived a long time. During the invasion, many Joseon people fled to this region to migrate via Manchuria and Russia as well. As a result, a conflict occurred between the Japanese military, which wanted to claim the area in order to deal with the hidden Liberation Army forces, and absolute control of Korea.

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Power point

Although the story takes place in North KoreaMount BaekduIt is said that it is cold most of the year and more. But the atmosphere in the series turned out to be warm. It gives a feeling of desert alternating with mountains like a western cowboy movie. The way people and characters are dressed doesn’t look too cold. It must be acknowledged that it was the talent of the production team that took the background of a true story and blended it with the fantasy of a Western-style series of horse riding and gun battles perfectly. Even having an aura that is hard to find in the K-dramas we know.

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Yoon (Kim Nam Gil)He was a very skilled Japanese soldier. He was born into a class of slaves throughout the ages. He followed his old master to serve as a soldier in the Japanese army. Until one day he felt that killing his fellow citizens was wrong. So he started distancing himself. The crime he could not forgive himself for was that he had obtained information about his whereaboutsChoi Sung Soo (Yoo Ji Myung)The commander of the Phadungtham army moves to regain freedom and tells the storyLee Kwang Il (Lee Hyun Wook)The leader of the Japanese loyalist band that Yoon once enslaved under his rule. Yoon believes that he caused the murder of Choi Seung Soo’s family. Yoon then went to find Song Soo.GondoTo plead guilty, but Seung-soo’s punishment is to remain and bear the guilt as a naughty child. Which makes him get involved with members of a deadly organization such as… Onewon Yi (Lee Hyo Jung) I learned the truth thatNam Hye Shin (Seo Hyun)The noble woman he first fell in love with holds a great secret.

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This is the perfect combination ofAn enjoyable period action series combined with a love story during the restoration of independence and the bitter history of the Korean Peninsula. He also dared to present a challenge that would add the modernity of Western cowboy style gunfighting to the perfect mix.

Although the fight scenes focus on enjoying and pleasing the Korean people, it is believed that one man fighting alone defeats ten Japanese soldiers. Or will the champion team be very skilled and have many abilities? But full of fun, it was thrilling with fierce action scenes and there was a valid reason to support it. It is therefore suitable for presentations that are half real, half imaginary and highly innovative.

Korean dramas from the World War II era are interesting because they make us want to find real information for further study. Because the history there is very bitter and sympathetic. From the perspective of ordinary people who had just fled the system that oppressed people from the severe class divisions of the Dynasty era, they were constantly oppressed by the Japanese army and their own citizens again and again. It’s like a nightmare that repeats itself over and over again. It makes us understand and see that in that era the invasion by foreigners was really painful. But what is even more painful is that these same people have divided and bombed each other.

You can watch all nine episodes of Song of the Bandits now on Netflix.

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There is a song from the series called Sad waltz Sing by Karina (espa) that can be listened to today

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