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Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health Disclosure of dengue fever cases from early January to late October. More than 1,20,000 patients have been diagnosed.Most recently, in a study of Aedes mosquito larvae, the temple has the highest Aedes larval index. At the end of the Buddhist Lent period, holy festivals such as Katin Festival, Pha Pa Festival, Loi Krathong are held where people gather. The incidence of dengue fever may increase. Agencies concerned with civil society are also requested to remain vigilant. and help eliminate breeding sites for Aedes mosquito larvae.

Today (12 November 2023) Dr. Thongchai Keeratihattayakorn, Acting Director General of the Department of Disease Control, mentioned the dengue situation from January 1 to November 1, 2023, with 123,081 cases including 139 deaths. This year patients were seen 3.4 times more than last year. 3,613 cases in the week, and the highest death rate was among the 25-34 age group, although the number of registered cases has decreased. But there are still eruptions in some areas. What is worrying is that at this time, after the end of the Buddhist Lent season in Thailand, a series of merit-making festivals such as Kathin Festival, Pha Pa Festival and Loi Krathong are held. Urge the management to maintain the temple free of Aedes mosquito breeding sites. And in addition to preventing mosquito bites, it’s time for educational institutions to open across the country. 7R Monitoring the situation by examining Aedes mosquito larvae to assess the risk of Aedes mosquitoes in key areas such as Dhamma groups (Temples/Mosques/Churches), Hotels/Resorts, Greenhouses (Houses/Buildings) Schools, Factories is the latest information. Hospitals and government offices are the most common places where mosquitoes are found, 60.9 per cent in temples, 55.6 per cent in factories/surroundings and 46.0 per cent in schools respectively, hence the risk of transmission. Stakeholders should be asked to cooperate in controlling the environment so that Aedes mosquito-borne infectious disease does not become a breeding ground for Aedes mosquitoes. Accelerate the removal of mosquito larvae in various standing water containers such as buckets/basins in the bathroom. Trays for decorative plant pots, vases for worship, spotted betel vases / lotus pots Old car tires arranged as living garden and garbage in the surrounding area, etc.

Dr. Thongchai said, “I would like to emphasize that there are 4 types of dengue virus infection for dengue fever. Therefore, if a person has 4 dengue fevers and re-infections with other types are breeding, there is a risk of causing more severe symptoms. High fever, more than 2 days after taking antipyretics. If you see people who are suspected to be suffering from dengue fever such as persistent fever, red face, red eyes, abdominal pain, black diarrhoea, bleeding gums or stuffy nose, if you suspect that you may have dengue fever, do not let it go and seek urgent treatment to reduce the chance of death. Avoid mosquito bites by swiping and remove mosquitoes from your home quickly to prevent dengue from spreading to others.

For risk factors, the Ministry of Public Health has a rapid diagnostic test kit, said Dr. Thongchai added, it can be tested at Sub-District Health Promotion Hospitals (Sub-District Health Promotion Hospitals). Early detection and treatment can help prevent shock symptoms. happens. It can cause death. Importantly, when you have a fever, don’t buy NSAIDs like ibuprofen or aspirin. Don’t take them because they can make you bleed more easily. Use basic medicine. Take paracetamol first. However, the investigation into the cause of death also identified a risk factor that should be emphasized, namely the delay in receiving a diagnosis in adults. Many patients often have underlying diseases that increase their risk. Such as cirrhosis caused by chronic alcoholism in men. Obesity was found to be a risk factor for infant mortality in postmenopausal women.

The public should cooperate to eliminate the breeding places of Aedes mosquitoes. By following the measure “Keep 3, 3 diseases are prevented” ie, keep the house clean. Improve the environment in and around your home. Must be in order Do not have dark corners where mosquitoes can stay exposed to sunlight. Collect garbage around the house so that mosquitoes do not breed.Also cover the water container tightly to collect water. Manage the container so that the water does not stand. Change the water in the vase every week. Preventing mosquito bites is another way to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. Using mosquito repellent lotion, sleeping under a mosquito net and using mosquito repellent coils. and wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants There are currently two types of dengue vaccine registered in Thailand. It is an alternative vaccine available in the private sector. We are pursuing safety and efficacy data in the real field to consider its use as a combined measure to control Aedes mosquitoes. For more information, call the disease control department’s hotline 1422.


Information: Division of Infectious Diseases/Bureau of Risk Communication, Department of Disease Control

November 12, 2023

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