He's not dead yet! Ang Tird Tereng clearly announced that he was still alive. His wife told him that he was depressed because he sang to make money.

Ang Terd Tereng clearly announced that he is still alive after rumors of his death! Are you ready to meet your spouse and talk through the whirlwind drama of talking about making a living with a disabled person?

Ang tird tering Owner of the popular phrase “Wake up, wake up, wake up!” There is something I would like to announce very clearly today: he is not dead yet. After rumors of his death spread!! Willing to bring his current wife to reveal the path of love for 9 years, extremely exhausted, having to weather the heavy drama storm. Update on life at the moment, very sad, his wife has to carry her body and sing to earn money to survive. Their respective commands are revealed in the programHot talk show on Channel One31 with Benz Poornchetta and Acharn Nguyen Nueng as presenters.

Someone went to Google and said Ang Tired Tereng died, what's up?

Sink: It's still there.

How does Bada feel when the news of our husband's death suddenly arrives?

DA: That's okay. There are people who often say that too. I'm indifferent. He is with us.

So how did the news come?

Ange: At that time I was photographing night flowers. He said that Ang died, he was not dead, he was still alive.

Previously disappeared Many people want to know if they are still healthy. P'Da herself takes care of P'Ang?

Basin: Carrying, bathing, changing clothes. He said he had a wife to torture.

Are you torturing me?

DA: No, he's joking, it's our happiness. I'm not too disappointed.

How do you give yourself strength because we have to take you everywhere?

DA: Tired but I have to endure because I have to take care of him.

When we met, P'Ang was already like this. But P'Da opened up to P'Ang's love?

DA: Yes, we don't know him at all.

So how can we fall in love?

Aang: Going to visit his grandson's house. He met Da's nephew playing jokes with the bathtub. And I can't be alone. I will cry when I'm alone. So my grandson asked me to go to my house. When I went to visit his house, I found the picture. The real one has not been found yet. We believe that this person should be able to accept us. And then I met him and he insulted me because I used a disabled person as a joke.

4 ang tird tereng koi zap 3

“How did Brother Ang know?” The grandson said?

Aang: No, he said he knew us and felt sorry for us.

DA: We watched TV and thought, why do people with disabilities earn a living? We don't know him.

P'Ang met P'Da in the photo and liked him. When did you get the chance to meet P'Da?

Aang: I came to see him. I bumped into him too.

How did Brother Ang start flirting?

Aang: He called it not flirting, not attacking, so this one must be ours. He is about to enter the temple. That day I came home and slept in front of his room. He's in his room. He took pity on us and brought a piece of cloth to cover us. But I don't dare say I love you.

Da: Come and sleep in front of the room every night.

Don't you dare say, but dare to sleep there?

Aang: Yes, to let him know he found it. Let Him see if we are stubborn or if we can surrender to Him. We also work here in the café, we also show ourselves, and we try to invite them to see our work to see that it really exists.

When P'Ang comes to sleep in front of the room Brother Ang keeps coming in. Are we afraid?

Da: I'm not afraid, pitiful.

Did you know he flirts with us?

DA: I don't know because he came to play with his grandchildren.

So how did you fall in love with him?

DA: I didn't love you at that time, I just felt sorry for you. Now I also love with pity. It took a long time before I felt love.

4 ang tird tereng khoi zap 2

What is the evidence that makes us feel that we love this person?

DA: We also monitor him and his work. No one helps him wherever he goes. We sat and thought why no one helped him.

Aang: Even though you work, you still get a small salary. Aang said he can't come to pick up small things here. The aquarium should contain more than this. Because Ang is a working person. Little work, little work.

Da: He's the head of comedy but he gets so little.

P'Da felt that this was not true. So we went and talked about fees?

DA: There was a problem, they said we took the tub away.

But the question of love is serious enough to save money for the wedding?

Da: Saving money for marriage. Ang, let's get married and see what happens. We saved over 80,000 baht together. But it escalated to more than one hundred thousand.

Was P'Da working and getting a big salary?

Da: Caring for foreigners with heart disease. I get forty-five thousand a month

So how can you make money now?

Aang: Now you can have 3 or 4 cafes a day, and you can go see Aang every day because the fans will know that Aang is still there.

But I secretly knew that everywhere I went I didn't get paid. So what is the value?

Ang: No, it's a garland when you sing, just one song, the country song is good, the string is good.

When you go to work and carry each other to your place, is there anyone who does not have money to take home?

Aang: Yes, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

DA: He only watches women sing, not men.

Ang: But sometimes I can't, I'm taking care of my wife. We take out the remaining part and use it the next day. Sometimes my daughter says: Dad, today I have money. Dad, do you want to eat something? We said you can save it for tonight, it really is, but thanks to the fans who always support us.

4 ang tird tereng khoi zap 4

Many people think that the reason P'Da doesn't work on her own is because she has to take it to work. Will we see him bringing trouble or not?

Da: Don't think too much because it's our right. We don't work because we care.

Some people think that P'Da makes his living with people with disabilities?

DA: I don't care, I don't think too much, we know what we're doing.

Was there really an order?

Aang: Mom said, I can't go first. But the father must go first. Because if my mother leaves, who will be a burden on my father? “But I said that my mother helped my father in many ways, including carrying, changing clothes, and going to the bathroom. At work, I had to go to the theater. Sometimes I would fall in front of the stage. Haha. My mother said it was really cool. They both fell and had The stage is high.

How much does P'Ang love P'Da?

Aang: I love you like a mother. Because during that period we had no time to spend with our family. But when my mother died and my father died, it seemed like our lives were on our own. But when I met him it was like they let us back in to meet the fans, meet the people who used to look down on us and say the bathtub was bad. It has been copied a lot. This is what I'm so proud of, I love you so much.

How much does P'Da love you?

DA: I love you so much, and I care about you too.

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