He was talked about as the underdog! Oh Anushit returns to work as a dancer after 10 years.

He was talked about as the underdog! Oh AnushitReturning to work as a dancer after 10 years

Big surprise. Former hot dancer Oh Anushit Back to dancing again after 10 years. Along with the stars of the 90s Tata Young Until netizens spoke up and forgot that the actor played the role Oh Anushit The business had diminished to such an extent that the winds forced him to return to his old career. This time, it's time to clear things up. In the middle of the program, Toh Noo Maem and presenter Noo Maem Suriwipa told all about her return to dancing again.

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Oh Anushit

Oh Anushit

Quite surprisingly, one person shared a clip of himself returning to work as a dancer.?

Who is back to dancing again, starting with Pee Wu. Premjit called me and invited me to dance at B Boom's party. Pee Toh is at Tata Young's apartment because Tata is a guest. Oh was informed of this so he hurriedly checked the drama queue. We already know that being a dancer requires a lot of training. Although, Anushit, it depends, but being a dancer means going to support. We don't want to worry too much because if we don't have a line to practice, we might not be able to dance. So, Oh went ahead and put the drama on hold to see if it was possible or not. And everything is as if he was inspired to do it. Because the queue was empty, as if this opportunity was another opportunity for us.

Everything gives many opportunities to come back and dance again.?

At that time, I felt so grateful. So I called back and told P'Wu there wasn't any late drama. I asked the drama team to close the shooting queue and that they would not accept work that day. He asked me what I was doing in line, and I told him that if I went on stage at a concert, I had to stand in line (laughs).

I haven't had a dancing job in a long time. Are you worried about anything??

In fact, I was a dancer in Tata Young's group. These two songs performed are familiar to me. It's a routine dance move. Returning to work is a matter of memory. Because it will be changed then I have to remember that as far as blogging is concerned the stage has changed.

Oh Anushit

Oh Anushit

If we go back to when Oh was 20 years old, Oh thought Oh was a good dancer. If you teach me anything, just say it once and you'll remember it. But this time, it's completely stuck. Not counting physical fitness. Because on the first day I went to training, I wore a watch that told us his heartbeat had risen to 220. His heartbeat was very strong, and I thought the watch was broken. Then he stopped and immediately sat on the ground because he was afraid of being shocked. I don't know what we were excited about, but I knew we weren't as strong as before. This is very tiring.

Do you spend a lot of time training??

Plenty here for two songs. Training took six days. It's considered a lot because in reality you probably don't need to practice that much. During the day, he goes and practices running to keep his heart strong.

If you calculate, how many years have you been away from the dance scene??

It's been over 10 years since the last time, which was in 2013.

Oh Anushit

Oh Anushit​​​​​​​

Fitback's teacher Wu said that when he came back, this time he danced like a hungry person.?

Honestly, I don't really understand. Brother Wu finished watching and said that you danced like you were hungry. Honestly, Oh didn't know what hunger was, but he probably felt like he was craving. Maybe it feels like I miss you so much. We danced a lot. This means that when we really train, we don't have to dance so hard every time.

It went viral and people remembered it. He shared a lot of clips?

I also don't understand how so many people can see the effect. It probably came from an actor who saw it and remembered the two-day party, on the first day, Nok Singjay saw him and remembered him as O. Some people say that if you look like O, how can you dance? After finishing dancing, Oh headed to Pee Nok. But overall, Boom P'Toh knows you've come to dance for him. So I had to tell the staff that during the dance, we can show some little ones. Because he made him dance like that. This is taken into account. He respected us a lot.

with Tata YoungWhat do you say about coming to dance for us??

We've danced for each other before. I think when artists see familiar people dancing with them, they are encouraged. There's more energy and things like that.

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