He saw the salary and said wow! Deo Arsara recruits a secretary and reveals 13 qualifications and only 7 duties!!

Who wants to be the personal secretary of “Dew Arisara” raise your hand!! A golden opportunity came to job seekers when Deo Arisara announced a job as a personal secretary with 7 duties, a list of 13 qualifications, and a lucrative salary!!

by “Dew Arisara” Posted on IG Story saying Appointment of one personal secretary and responsibilities include:
1. Prepare the meeting agenda.
2. Preparing meeting reports and notes.
3. Set an appointment and communicate to coordinate. Whether inside or outside
4. Verifying the accuracy and completeness of various documents.
5. Prepare and prepare various documents. Work-related
6. Performing other assigned tasks
7. Can be flexible in working hours.

As for the qualification conditions, there are a total of 13 items, consisting of:

1. She must be female, and no more than 35 years old.
2. More than 3 years of experience
3. Our racing bachelor's degrees are muddy, creative, and extreme majoring in English or other related fields
4. Must have experience in enthusiastic secretarial work
5. Agile, agile, has sense and logic in work.
6. Ability to work well with others. There is a good system for managing the work.
7. Ability to communicate, speak, listen, read and write English well.
8. TOEIC test 550 and above
9. Special attention will be paid to the Chinese language.
10. Ability to use the MS Office computer program well.
11. She has a good personality, good human relations, and good intelligence
12. He loves learning new things. You have the ability to learn quickly on your own and be patient.
13. Ability to work under pressure.

Starting salary ranges between 35,000 – 40,000 baht depending on ability. In conclusion, I would like to ask people who can start working during April.

Dew Arisara

Dew Arisara

Dew Arisara

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