BDMS Wellness Clinic launches the Thai version of the book “Health Brings Wealth”, calling on the Thai people to sow the seeds of healthcare.

March 27, 2024, Bangkok – BDMS Wellness Clinic, the best preventive health center in the company’s group. Bangkok Dusit General Medical Services Limited or BDMS held a book launch event. Health brings wealth The Thai version is the third language after the success of the English and Czech versions, and we hope to plant healthcare trees in the hearts of Thai people to support preventive healthcare with healthcare techniques in an easy-to-read language. Which the general public can understand and follow with illustrations in line with the healthcare trend that has increased in recent years.

Every line and every piece of information that appears in this book contains scientific information. The research backed by the book Health Brings Wealth has been created and compiled by the best medical professionals at national level and global level up to 4 people including

  • Professor Dr. Jiri Dvošak Professor of Neurology, Spinal Disorders and Sports Injuries with over 40 years of experience working in sports medicine, he also served as Chief Medical Officer at FIFA for over 23 years, treating injuries. And the physique of many world-class football players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.
  • Dr. Tanupon Weronhakaron Or Dr. Amp, Chairman of the Executive Board of BDMS Wellness Clinic and BDMS Wellness Resort, is an expert in preventive and lifestyle medicine. He has experience in caring for patients by changing health behaviors, especially in weight control and treating obesity.
  • Professor Dr. Keith L. Black A renowned neurosurgeon and scientist at Cedars Science Medical Center, this book is a doctor's talk about the importance of the brain. To prevent degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. Dementia and Parkinson's disease
  • Professor Dr. Sergio Fazio A qualified professor of cardiology, the doctor explains the importance of the heart. Taking care of cardiovascular health and the factors that cause heart disease, including ways to keep our hearts with us for the long term.
Professor Dr. Jiri Dvochak (left) and Dr. Tanupon Wirunhakaron (right), co-authors of the book Health Brings Wealth.

Drawing on the expertise of some of the world's best medical professionals, Health Brings Wealth covers every aspect of healthcare. From waking up to going to sleep and from birth to the end of time

Even rich people say that health is the most important thing.

During the launch of the Thai edition of Health Brings Wealth, Professor Dr. Jiri Dvochak and Dr. Tanupon Wirunhakaron, co-authors, shared their inspiration. The journey of this book, including the origin of the name Health Brings Wealth

“Good health is the most important treasure”

Dr Amp told the origin of the name “Health Brings Wealth” that it is a phrase coined by Dr Prasert. Prasat Thong Osot, the founder of the company, gave it to the BDMS Wellness Clinic team from Bangkok Dusit General Medical Services Limited, to which Dr. Amp also commented that even those who have wealth have a lot of life experience, a lot of work experience until reaching the highest point that many people like Dr. Prasat Thong Osot also puts health first. This phrase is an important part that was raised. It developed into a book Health brings wealth

From FIFA's Chief Medical Officer to the main man at the BDMS Wellness Clinic

Professor Dr. Jiri Dvořak is a global figure in both the medical world and football circles and has imparted a variety of knowledge to the book “Health Brings Wealth”, especially preventive healthcare through exercise.

The beginning of a world-class person like Prof. Dr. Giri Dvořak has become involved in the healthcare of the Thai people. From Dr. Prasat Prasat Thong Osot flew to Zurich. Switzerland within one day after Professor Dr. Giri stepped down from his position as FIFA Medical Chief for discussion and called on Professor Dr. Giri to help promote the health of the Thai people. Professor Dr. Jerry liked this and they work together to this day

Participating in the discussion at the book launch event, Professor Dr. Giri spoke about two types of medicines that help us enjoy good health. Longer life The first pill is aerobic exercise (such as running, cycling, swimming, etc.) The second pill is anaerobic exercise (such as weight lifting) or just 30 minutes a day of muscle strength training can improve your health.

The book also talks about information about physical strength. Bone mass in people who exercise regularly despite their advanced age and in older people can have similar bone and muscle strength. The youth draw tells the reader that exercise is health care. And the cheapest elixir for longevity

5 healthcare factors that will make you look younger and live longer with quality

At the launch of the book Health Brings Wealth, Dr. Amber spoke about biological age or the age of the body. Usually, we humans base our age on the year of birth. It is too late, but in medicine, scientific data has found that our physical age is not related to our external age. Taking good care of your health helps slow cell deterioration and reduce aging and body deterioration.

Dr. Amber talked about 5 healthcare factors that can help your body clock run more slowly, including good sleep. Take care of your body so that you do not become obese and eat a balanced diet. Exercise regularly, avoid harmful substances, cigarettes, alcohol, PM2.5, and finally, pay attention to your feelings and manage stress.

This is all just science. And some of the health tips you will get from the Thai version of the book Health Brings Wealth. The book also contains methods for taking care of health from many hidden aspects of people's daily lives. You can start doing it right away without a single dime investment along with many body theories that will help you understand body mechanisms, including sleepiness, hunger and overcoming genetic limits in easy to understand language. This will help guide readers to change their lifestyles. Be inspired to change yourself through stories of real patients, including sharing easy, healthy recipes that you can make yourself.

Additionally, it promotes overall well-being. A guide to longevity by bringing together information on exercise, balanced nutrition, and the science of prevention for heart, brain, and dental health, readers will learn how to create a well-rounded lifestyle that begins with care and prevention. You will also receive knowledge and strategies that can be put into practice. In order to improve their quality of life

You can read more information. Or buy the book “Health Brings Wealth” from Shopee, Lazada and LINE Official: bdmswellnessclinic

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