He peed on a black fellow’s possessions: kicked out


South AfricaHe peed on a black fellow’s possessions: kicked out

The prestigious Stellenbosch University has announced the expulsion of a student who insulted another and caused a furore.

Following disciplinary proceedings, Tunes du Toit was expelled

Following disciplinary proceedings, Tunes du Toit was expelled


South Africa’s top university announced on Thursday that it had expelled a white student who filmed himself urinating on a black student’s books and laptop two months ago, sparking outrage in South Africa.

The prestigious Stellenbosch University in the Cape Town region said in a statement that it had decided that disciplinary action had “no alternative” but that undergraduate student Theuns du Toit “must be expelled”.

“The university has zero tolerance for racism, discrimination, prejudice and behavior that undermines the dignity of another person,” Vice Chancellor Teresh Ramjukarnath said in the statement.

“Pissing on the Constitution”

May’s black student shame Raised a fury In a country that still struggles with deep divisions 28 years after the end of white minority rule. President Cyril Ramaphosa said the case showed that apartheid still marred “everyday life in South Africa”. The brief video, which went viral, shows a white freshman urinating on a black colleague’s books and laptop.

In this brief video shot on a mobile phone, we see the white student from three quarters from behind. An offscreen student asks him “Why are you peeing in my room?” He asks. “I’m waiting for someone,” the young man with close-cropped brown hair and a brown hooded jacket replies laconically, without interrupting what he’s doing.

According to a student union, the victim was sleeping “when he heard a commotion in his room”: “When he woke up, the racist white boy was urinating on his desk, books and laptop” and when questioned, “the racist response is the same thing done to black boys”. The South African Congress of Students said in a statement.

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola said the incident was “tantamount to peeing on the constitution”. The Constitution cemented the transition from white supremacy, and is often regarded as a model of democratic values—and the implementation of those values ​​is still active.


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