Hai Apaporun, Wade Sari’s younger sister, dramatizes the drama of a famous comedian being kicked off the stage.

They are a pair of brothers who love each other very much. For the older generation of Lukthung Hai Avaporn Nakhon Sawan Take your sister Wet Sri Nakhon Sawan Let’s open first. After the drama broke out, the comedian was reprimanded on the other hand. He pushed his head down onto the stage mid-concert through the menu Hot talk show On Channel One31 with PK Piyawat and Chompoo Kon Bai as presenters.

How is your psychological state now?
amazing! : Better because it wasn’t as stressful as the first time.

How stressful was it at first?
amazing! : I didn’t tell you, I didn’t tell anyone, I just stayed at home. It’s not that I’m upset. But what’s even sadder is not thinking that he would do this to us.

We already know him?
amazing! : I love him, he’s like one of our older brothers, we always have things to talk about and consult with each other. Almost every matter is consulted. This work has already been discussed. We understand each other. I didn’t think it would be such news. Let’s talk before work. The elders had already told him. And I have no right to take singer Joy to this event anyway. Because it’s not my job. When the adults finished talking, he cleared the air and said that there was a time when P’Joy was allowed to get a pay raise and he gave it to him, but after doing so, there were problems.

Hello :No need to say anymore. To say so is to make an excuse.

It indicates that what happened was not because of your disagreement with that person. But connected with us?
amazing! : nothing

Hello : I’ll tell you the truth, I’m afraid Willy and Willy will be in trouble. They grew up together. It’s time to play in front of the stage. He’s been in our band before. It continues to work on its own. But we weren’t in this situation now, but we guessed right, the kid’s mind just wasn’t that broad. It is normal for a person to lose consciousness. Lack of awareness is madness, and it may escape us, and we do not know for sure. If awareness existed, nothing like this would have happened. Sometimes you think I can’t do it. I have to do this. You can’t do everything you want.

I want to tell all the kids to stop. It’s better not to quarrel. This circle is very narrow. We’ll have to meet at work soon. Let’s turn to talk. Whether it’s an aerial or a ghost, it’s up to us to turn to each other. It’s easy to finish, no problem, otherwise say it there, say it there, and everyone should be excused. Everyone doesn’t want to be wrong. Now, if no one is wrong, no one is right. If no one is right then no one is wrong. So the wrong person apologizes. Let’s finish forgiving each other kids, let’s stop, don’t give interviews. Or don’t say I’m not wrong.

amazing! : Honestly, I didn’t give any news. I told the reporter I didn’t want to be in the news. I don’t want Brother Hai to know about this. Because if Brother Hai knew about me, others didn’t do this to me, I did it even though it wasn’t my fault. But I don’t want you to interfere in this matter.

Hello :But we will teach our people, the people around us, and all our children, not to be aggressive. This is not pleasant. Fighting and biting each other like two dogs for the villagers to see is no fun. So, Joey Fay, stop it. important It is close to us. We must manage because of our people. We strike our people first. Now we heard I couldn’t, so I had to go out and talk a little bit, actually, I went to work that day. Then a reporter came to conduct the interview. Targeting headlines can be tough. When people listen to people with problems, what should I do? I shouldn’t be wrong. Everyone is like this.

Recently, Nong Weed filed a lawsuit?
amazing! : I did not tell you . I’m going to be a witness. Because he called to apologize to me. Then I said well, our story between you and me is over. We won’t have any problems. We still love each other the same way. I respect you the same way. But if Pei Joey lets me go as a witness, I have to go. Because I was there with P’Joy, the only two people he cursed.

On that day there was a struggle between votes. Did you notice that the other party is drunk?
amazing! : drunk

Hello : He said he was not drunk. Drink a little.

That day, apart from the conflicting voices, there were also people pushing each other’s heads?
amazing! : The first time he didn’t curse yet, he pushed.

I don’t know this from my mouth, are you angry?
Hello : No, we will call our children to talk. Then not everything will be reported. There was no cursing. There was no mud splattered on each other. If we knew everything like this, there wouldn’t be

amazing! : I don’t know when he discovered that. I called and didn’t answer. Then I sent a message saying there is a problem, I know, please call me back.

Hello :And then he didn’t call. Wait another day and call.

amazing! : I am afraid that he will scold me, I am not afraid of your scolding. I’m more afraid of being reprimanded. Although we weren’t wrong. But we are afraid of reprimand.

Hello : I will teach you more.

amazing! : When he’s fierce too taught me, it hurts.

Hello : It’s not a mistake, what are you afraid of?

amazing! : It is not a mistake, but it is from the heart because we have been affected since we were children. When things happen, I get hit first, then I get hit harder.

Hello : This is to let everyone know that we have gathered hundreds of employees to join our team. We have to control hundreds of children. We have to teach children that even our young children are affected like this. So let us make no mistake, because a hundred fathers and a thousand mothers have gathered together. One person doesn’t have just one story. One person has ten problems for us to solve. Take someone else’s child to raise. Take someone else’s wife and sleep with them. Every person who grows up must take good care of him. Whether it’s drinking alcohol or amphetamines, it’s all there, especially boys who are difficult to raise. Girls are difficult, if you are beautiful, you will get a husband. It is very popular. I must thank you for your past life experiences of caring for children in your life, some of whom are doing well. Some people just get off. Some people listen to us and that’s okay.

What about your younger brother?
Hello My little brother is tired. How did he grow while he was on my chest? We are more worried. Because at that time he was in his early 30s, we took care of him because he was a lovely person. In the past he was very beautiful, so beautiful that we were jealous of him. Honestly, we raised him and many people admired him. We told him to take a good look. A man came to flirt with this person, right? I will continue with you. I do not want to talk. I’m upset. I don’t like to talk. Sometimes people who talk to us will be rejected. Let’s keep talking.

amazing! : An alien, he loves P’Hai, but P’Hai doesn’t love him. Who should I find? The younger sister got off the bus. Oh…little sister, we talked for 3 years, but now we don’t talk. He already has a family.

Has anyone seen the news and said that Brother Hai is taking sides in this matter?
Hello : She did not take sides. As everyone knows, Waad is our younger brother. But if it’s what everyone says it is, kid, he should have some respect for us. If we did something like this now, we wouldn’t be in this situation. So we said like this. Now the news will be published no matter what happens, but in reality it is not in his favor. Whoever makes a mistake will say he is wrong.

Are you afraid that this matter will affect our sister?
amazing! :I’m afraid I won’t tell him. Because if he knew, he must be sure. He must be unsatisfied.

Hello : As I said, if you know first, there will be no problem.

How do you want it to end?
Hello Shut up, don’t talk, you can all stop. Now the person who wants to hire him is having a problem, the host is hiring him… These two don’t get along well. If you don’t want that, it’s better to go get another number. So don’t bite each other. Work and love each other. Because this industry is very narrow. Let’s meet at work soon. is there a problem? Therefore, stop hiring people who quarrel with each other, it is better to hire Ababurn, who is a reactionary person. Now each side sprinkles clay on the other. I smeared both. Stop it, kid, stop it.

amazing! : I’m done, I never told you any news. People called and asked for an interview, but I didn’t give an interview. Because it wasn’t something worth talking about, I kept quiet.

Brother Hai is a very fierce person. How fierce is Brother Hai?
amazing! : Very fierce

Hello : When working hard, in those days it was tight. Because we compete with ourselves, work, and jobs are more festive, I run 7-8 times a day, which is fun.

Although he is fierce, he is also kind to his subordinates. Especially dancers give money to send for rhinoplasty?
Hello : Yes, when it’s finished it’s beautiful. The kid wanted to say to me, can I pay my boss? At that time it was more than ten thousand baht. Everyone came and turned up their noses, and they did it to seven people at a time, and as soon as their noses were dry, they ran away and followed the men. But we understand children’s illness. It’s the hormonal age, okay?

amazing! : Quite simply, 6 dancers left me the only one who didn’t go.

Hello : If it weren’t for our younger brother, he probably would have run away and followed the man too. So we’ll do it again and have a new baby. It is considered a merit with children.

And male dancers?
Hello : At that time we had to let him exercise his muscles. When we dance, we have a beautiful body. Wear it and it is very beautiful. When asked if there was a fight, there was, and then there was drinking. Some people don’t agree. We have to manage. When we dance why don’t we smile? We don’t want that anymore, 1-2 years is very tiring. I bought a camera and brought it in front of the stage. Whoever does not smile, I will deduct the money from him. Controlling hundreds or thousands of people is tiring, and I can’t handle it.

I saw there was a time he almost died on stage?
Hello : We have a rule against drinking before going on stage. I felt like that day was the ordination ceremony.

amazing! : Lifting tray table.

Hello : I watched him and I was so confused that I didn’t dare to dance because he was dancing on either side of us. But it’s moving away but we can smell it. There will be a movement like lifting the child up and then slamming him down. As soon as it rose, it suddenly disappeared, it was uncontrollable, and then it was on the platform of Lok Thong Apoporn Nakhon Sawan, that it narrowly lost its neck.

amazing! : Only one palm

Hello : Really just a little. He can’t dance, he cries, and we know it because he hits so hard.

amazing! : I fell on my back, fell out of his hand, fell to the ground, choked, cried and then I got up and kept dancing because I was on stage and couldn’t do anything. Cork, cork, take as much as we can handle.

Hello : As soon as I finish work, I have a meeting. Half a month you haven’t paid but you have to dance. Because we already have rules. Once this is done, the issue is resolved. After a while, the drugs started arriving. During the meeting, everyone will be told who has a problem. Well, we can fix it, we will fix it, but when it comes to drugs, we’re asking you not to. “Now there are 3-4 kids participating, we are all special men. What should we do? I’ve been sitting and thinking for a month. When I went to test my urine it was purple. The police always report themselves. Which we don’t know but we’ve heard it before. Ah.” Why didn’t this man come today? The police locked him up because he tested for purple urine and had to control his behavior. We sat down and made our decision for a month or two and then we stopped.

He means?
Hello : They stopped the band, disbanded the whole band, at that time there were about 20 people in total, I was tired of controlling people. But if we didn’t have this problem we would continue. Because we talked and said okay, then I can hire someone else. It’s okay guys, I’ll let you go. Because at that time we were raising children as a family. Let’s eat together before going to work. After work, we take care of the kids. We were happy to see that it was edible. But when he ate it all, we felt sad. Because it takes 10,000 at once.

When you had a problem with drugs you collapsed immediately, how long did this last?
Hello : Even today not only the dancers “My younger brother also. My younger brother drove the car, and took it with him too. Our parents and relatives too. They all went together and couldn’t stay. Who has a better body? Now we have created a new troupe. But we employ them as suppliers. But our troupe has trained. Now this is what I do in the past. We started a new troupe. We took the whole group. How much did you say? Let’s rehearse together for a week before leaving for work. There are a lot of beautiful dancers these days, and we have everything prepared. We would rather spend money than not have to bring All people to live with us.

Is there a big age difference between these two brothers?
amazing!D: 12 years

Hello : This is like a child. We raised him like a child. These days he goes to work. Making music is his job.

amazing! :Make a song and don’t tell him. I’m more afraid that he will be fierce. I feel like after you criticize me, I lose confidence when I’m with you. But if I’m with someone else, I can tell everything. It’s as if I took off the Hai model. But not as good as him

Hello :We care about living life. “In society, if we live life as it is, it’s not difficult. If we’re wrong, we’ll apologize. The way we live is not a smart person. He’s not up to speed. He’s a naive person.” Beautiful parentheses, honest feelings like that. When it comes to men, no one can keep up. Anyone can fool that. He’s grown up, and has been living abroad for 5-6 years now.

Are we what our sister said?
Witt: I’m more of a direct person. I can not lie. If you’re not okay, just say it honestly.

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