Cheonan orders reduction of ‘TB road accidents’ after not meeting Sustainable Development Goals standards, notes 4am bar expansion should focus on balance. There are measures to prevent drinking and driving.

Cheonan submitted to the Department of Disease Control to accelerate the reduction of TB and road accident problems and after remaining below the standards of the Sustainable Development Goals, it is believed that it will be among the top three diseases in terms of disease control. Extending the opening hours of pubs and bars at 4am could have a direct impact on road accidents. There must be measures to prevent people from drinking and driving. I repeat, whether you want to expand or not, you have to look at the balance.

On October 19, Dr. Chunan Srikayo, Minister of Public Health, accompanied by Mr. Santi Prombat, Deputy Minister of Public Health, visited the Department of Disease Control. Dr. Cheonan said: The Quick Win project has 13 problems, and 7 problems have been reported to the Department of Disease Control. Especially the Pansuk Corrections Project from the public His Royal Highness Prince Kanithithirachaw Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn was concerned about the health of prisoners. Especially prison cells that do not have a large hospital to support them. The report promised that the Disease Control Department has a project to support them and has a host hospital that coordinates care. There are approximately 270,000 inmates who require comprehensive care. From screening to being able to go out and live a normal life in the community, in addition, there is a comprehensive cancer policy. It is in the northern region. Many Thai men have been found to have bile duct cancer. I know there is a goal of screening 100,000 people, and I want people to join the process. Including a campaign to prevent cervical cancer. Not only is the goal of providing one million doses of vaccination to prevent the disease, but risk factors must also be considered. About behavior modification should be given importance as well

“I believe that our medical and public health workers have the capacity to work to our full potential, and the Deputy Minister of Public Health and I are an extension of everyone to work to our full potential. I will not use the word command or command. Because it is something that has been proven ineffective. But it is a task and a course of action. At the same time, importance will be given to morale. Opportunities for professional advancement Providing fairness to all parties Both well-being and well-being “But I want everyone to work to their fullest potential,” Dr. Cheonan said. In addition, he would like to leave a message about adjustments. Infectious Disease Law In the past, in light of the COVID-19 crisis, we have seen restrictions in the law that are not conducive to controlling the disease. Security laws must be relied upon to control them. Therefore, please consider whether there is a crisis in the future. How to change the law to make work easier? Including the management’s desire to establish a day care center since there are over 5,000 employees, it is another way to promote child-making.

Dr. Thongchai Kiratihatayakorn, Acting Director-General of the Department of Disease Control, said that disease prevention and control is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals in 4 areas, namely 1. Important communicable diseases. 2. Non-communicable diseases 3. Risk factors and 4. Diseases caused by occupation and the environment If we look at the sustainable development goals in terms of disease prevention and control, we find that there are two goals that Thailand still falls short of meeting. Or not reaching sustainability targets, such as tuberculosis and road traffic injuries if these can be managed and it is believed that it will be part of enabling Thailand to achieve its goal of being one of the top three internationally in disease prevention. It recently ranked first in Asia and fifth in the world, with the United States ranked first, followed by Australia, Finland, Canada and Thailand.

When asked about achieving the SDGs, Dr. Cheonan said that there are 17 SDG indicators that have not yet met the criteria: Tuberculosis and Road Traffic Accidents It is the task of the Department of Disease Control to establish operational guidelines. The goals are, for example, that by 2030 we will eliminate tuberculosis, and have access to prevention, care, treatment and rehabilitation of road accidents. Reducing it requires cooperation from many sectors. Especially road accidents, the Disease Control Department is a part. Because road accidents do not result only from individual behavior. There are road conditions, geometry, and human behavior. Engine machines There are many factors involved. Therefore, we must look at everything before the incident, during the incident, and after the incident. Our focus is on pre-accident by providing knowledge and understanding. Preparedness measures to provide support in the event of an accident and how can you help in time during an accident? There will be a time limit to reach the scene. It’s a measurement we have to make. Referring patients to care

“TB, we are sure in the future, if we have intensive management we will reduce the number of TB cases according to the target. The Disease Control Department has a royal mobile vehicle. It can be used to find TB patients. And TB control measures in prisons. There is a Pansok prison project to screen people before sending them to Imprisonment. If found, isolate and treat to prevent infection. Community research Establishing a surveillance network to inspect every community is important. As for the many foreign workers who are considered a vulnerable group, according to the main policy, they should be given importance and care. From research, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up, the The time period to achieve the goals of the Sustainable Development Goals. For example, Fanuka is 2030. As for accidents, it is difficult to set a target. “Try to coordinate with all agencies to reduce as much as possible,” Dr. Chunan said.

In response to a question about the situation of road accidents still a problem. Part of it comes from drinking and driving. But there will be a policy to extend the opening hours of pubs and bars until 4am, so how will the problem be solved? Dr Shonan said: Will extending pub opening hours until 4am affect road accidents? There may be a direct relationship. Because part of the reason there is being drunk or drinking and driving. Our mission is to take measures to prevent people from drinking. Engaging in driving vehicles is our duty here. Measurement of alcohol level in cooperation with other relevant agencies Monitoring measures here may need to be intensive. The most important thing is how to recognize and create awareness of caution in individuals. Have an understanding of how to protect yourself If you know you are drinking, you should not disobey or drive.

He asked: What is the position of how the Ministry of Public Health deals with the expansion of pubs and bars? It is a health and economic dimension,” Dr. Shonan said. A balance must be created. We encourage the economic system to move forward but without adverse health effects. You have to weigh it here. Any measures to prevent and prevent health effects must be taken intensively.

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