Google renames Bard, switches to Gemini, and launches mobile app

After Google launched Gemini, a large and versatile LLM model. It is believed to open the door to a new era using artificial intelligence as a leadership tool. Today, another change has occurred by changing the name of Bard to Gemini to reflect the latest AI technology, fully entering the era of Gemini AI.

Age of Gemini

In December last year, Google launched a large-scale LLM model called Gemini, which consists of three models for different applications: Gemini Nano, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Ultra, which can perform a variety of functions, where images/video/audio will be generated from text. , which Google itself is trying to create different ecosystems to support more convenient use. By integrating with its own services through various APIs to create innovations and new forms of use.

Google today announced a major change to make artificial intelligence more accessible to millions of people around the world.

Bard was rebranded as Gemini

The Bard will be renamed Gemini to better reflect its advanced technology. We can still use it through the same web page, but the URL will be changed from It will change to instead, from February 8 onwards. Usage remains the same as Bard in every respect, as it supports 40 languages ​​around the world, including Thai. It can be used in more than 230 countries around the world

Advanced Gemini

Next is launch. Advanced Gemini The 1.0, formerly known as Gemini Ultra, is currently the most powerful model. Whether in terms of thinking, writing code, or giving step-by-step instructions. Creative collaboration which can be applied in many ways, such as using it as a personal tutor, able to customize teaching or help with planning, the ability to work beyond using a web page.

Google has made it available for use. Advanced Gemini It's official with the addition of a new package to the Google One subscription service called AI Premium for Gemini use, which will be a top-up of the 2TB Premium package with an additional $10 per month fee from the regular package.

Anyone interested can try it for free for two months in each user country. Google One Yes, there will be a package. Distinctive artificial intelligence plan add to

Grow your user base with the Gemini app

In addition to Google One, general users can access Gemini through another channel, which is an application on their smartphones on the Android side that can be downloaded from the Play Store. Once installed on the device, Gemini will immediately become the main application of our mobile phone's assistant instead of Google One. Google. We can control it in many ways, such as writing messages, giving voice commands, taking photos, and editing photos. Starting everything is the same as Google Assistant, just press the button. Press and hold or wake up with Hello Google

As for Google Assistant, it's not going anywhere yet. Due to many features, Gemini will receive our commands to tell Google Assistant to continue working, such as directing or controlling smart home devices, etc.

On the iOS side, we must say that there is no Native app yet, but you can use Gemini through the Google app on your iPhone and iPad.

The Gemini app will be available for download in the US starting February 8. English language support first As for Thailand in the Asia-Pacific region, it will be available next week. Which will be upgraded to use Chinese and Korean as well. As for other languages, please be patient as Google plans to expand usage to include at least 40 languages ​​around the world.

Add AI capabilities to other services

Google also announced that it will be bringing Gemini capabilities to its other services soon. The first ones used were Workspace and Google Cloud.

  • Workspace has a Duet AI feature that uses artificial intelligence to help make various tasks more convenient. There are now more than 1 million users worldwide, Google will rename Duet AI to Gemini for Workspace instead, and soon general users subscribed to Google One will be able to use Gemini in Gmail and Google Doc, Sheet, and Slide. Meet, whether it's helping to craft a cover letter, or responding to messages by analyzing the content sent. Furthermore, Google also values ​​privacy where we can control what information is used.
  • Google Cloud For business users, Gemini capabilities will be added to Google Cloud to help make work more efficient. Write more complex code faster. Including helping protect security from cybercriminals

Google says the services will be clearly separated: Gemini will be a free service that does not charge any fees, while Gemini Ultra 1.0 will be called Gemini Advance and will be linked to the Google One and Workspace packages, which are subscription services.

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