Google I/O 2024 Highlights, The Age of AI and Gemini

It's time again for Google's annual developer conference, and this time Google I/O still has something interesting to follow as always.

Let's see what works. Google I/O 2024 What is interesting this year?

Sundar Pichai The CEOs of Alphabet and Google say investment in AI has been going on for more than a decade. New innovations are created in every aspect, be it in research, products or infrastructure.

However, it is still in the early stages of the transition to the AI ​​era and sees great opportunities. Much awaits in the future. Both for creatives, software developers, startups, and everyone in between.

The Gemini era is in full swing

At last year's Google I/O event, Google announced plans to develop Gemini for the first time to date twin Move fast and never stop.

Today, more than 1.5 million developers use Gemini templates in their tools. To fix bugs in code, gain new insights, and create new AI applications

Additionally, Gemini's cutting-edge capabilities will help increase the performance of products including Google Search, Google Photos, Google Workspace, Android, and more.

Today, every Google product, used by more than 2 billion users, uses Gemini and is available on Android and iOS through Gemini Advanced. In just three months, more than a million people have signed up to try Gemini Advanced in just three months and are still counting

Boosting AI in Google Search

Use the power of Gemini Google search This is one of the most exciting changes.

Google recently started providing public information via Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Overview) It's a completely rejuvenating experience. For everyone in the US this week. We will expand the services to other countries with more coming soon

Google Search has taken it to the next level with many innovations, and with Gemini, we are able to create a more powerful search experience. This includes researching within products.

It is recommended to post pictures

Today, people upload more than 6 billion photos and videos to Instagram every day. Google images Including searching for things, which Gemini makes this much easier than before

Google recommends Ask the pictures That will complement the user experience Of course, with Gemini you can do more than just simple searches.Google I/O 2024 Highlights, The Age of AI and Gemini He will remember different contexts. Related to that picture, including a summary of all the information. This helps to remember all the details of the past. And bring back those unforgettable memories again

Google is preparing to launch Ask Photos with new capabilities. INT his summer

Unlock new knowledge

Unlocking knowledge in different formats is why Google built Gemini with the ability to understand and work with many types of data from the beginning. It is a model with many built-in capabilities. In addition to understanding different types of inputs, it also finds connections between those inputs.

Gemini 1.5 Pro opens up exciting possibilities for developers, and Google is offering an enhanced version of Gemini 1.5 Pro to developers around the world.

Gemini 1.5 Pro, with support for processing up to 1 million characters, is now available in Gemini Advanced, covering 35 languages.

Google will expand the capabilities of the Context Window to support data processing for up to 2 million tokens and will be available to developers in a private preview.

Gemini in the practical dimension

People search for emails in Gmail regularly, and Google is making email search more powerful with Gemini.

In addition, new developments are being achieved. This includes advances in audio output in NotebookLM, where Gemini 1.5 Pro helps create interactive, customizable voice chat from information in documents.

Expand with an AI agent

Google also sees an opportunity to take its progress to the next level. Amnesty International agent Intelligent systems have the ability to think, plan, and remember, and they can also “think” to move forward. It can also work across programs and systems.

Gemini's strength comes with the ability to work with many types of data. The ability to support more data processing and AI agents brings us closer to our ultimate goal: making AI useful for everyone.

Additionally, to unleash the full potential of AI, teams must initiate new innovations. Google DeepMind I've worked hard on this

Gemini is more than just a chatbot. It is designed to be a useful personal assistant that can help you with complex tasks and do things for you.

Big developments in Google search

The only thing that Google invests in and develops new innovations. Continuation is Google search, which is the core product.Google I/O 2024 Highlights, The Age of AI and Gemini Naturally, Google Search in the Gemini era will take the search experience to the next level by combining the strengths of its infrastructure. The latest AI capabilities, high-quality data and a wealth of experience connecting people to the vast amount of information available online. The result are products that can truly meet your needs

Google Search is a generative AI that has the same level of curiosity as humans. This is the greatest advance Google search has ever seen.

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