Boss' last words! Jurgen Klopp bid farewell to Liverpool players in the dressing room

Klopp, the great German coach, officially stepped down as Merseyside manager after the season-ending 2-0 win over Wolves to speak to the players for the last time before taking over from Feyenoord coach Arne Slott next season.

“I love you guys, that's all I can say,” the 56-year-old said, as he and his players and coaching staff ran around the field to applaud fans at the farewell game.

“I can't wait to see how you all progress to the next level.”

“I said what people said this morning: “It's not enough for seven titles. They don't know anything about football.”

“Could we do better? Yes, of course, that's always possible. Did we do better than expected? Yes, because it took a long time to become an elite team again. You're like this.

“We've reached Liverpool 2.0 and from now on you'll have a new motivation to prove yourself. It's good for everything in your life.”

“I just want to say I love you. It's been great. Thank you for sharing this journey.”

“I am proud of you. After finishing this sentence, Liverpool players gave the leader a loud round of applause as Klopp had previously promised not to accept the job. Managing his team in England decided to take a year off.

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