Gold prices closed up to 350 baht, just as the market opened this morning – as the central bank is poised to cut interest rates.

Gold price in the country today throughout the day, the price of gold went up and down a total of 7 times but finally came back to the same rate as the market opened in the morning to close the market. Gold Traders Association reported that the closing price of gold has increased by 350 baht from yesterday's closing price.

– Gold bars bought for 38,800 baht, sold for 38,900 baht.

– Gold jewelery bought for 38,097.08 baht, sold for 39,400 baht.

Gold futures crossed $2,280/oz. This was supported by expectations that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will cut interest rates. Gold prices also received positive factors from strong buying of safe-haven assets amid geopolitical tensions.

The baht ended this evening at 36.41 baht/dollar, down from 36.34 baht early in the morning. The SET index ended today at 1,379.48 points, up 1.54 points, +0.11%, with a trade value of 27,470.70 million foreign buyers, 882 million baht.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange's Nikkei index closed today (April 1), the first day of the new fiscal year. That's because sentiment among many Japanese companies has fallen after the Bank of Japan (BOJ) released its 1st quarter 2024 major manufacturers' (Dankan) confidence index as investors sold stocks to take profits. Decreased in the next quarter. The Nikkei index fell 566.35 points to close at 39,803.09, its lowest since March 18.

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Closed (Easter Day)

The World Bank cut its forecast for the Thai economy to grow by 2.8 percent in 2024 from 3.2 percent in 2024, excluding the results of the 10,000 baht digital wallet project. Under this is the result of the delay in approving the 2024 budget.Public debt is expected to be more than 60 percent of GDP.

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