APO's first trading day on the May market is April 2. The IPO price is 99 Satang PE 25.92 times.

Asian Palm Oil or APO is a company that extracts crude palm oil and sells the main products of crude palm oil extraction and by-products. Including producing electricity from biogas to sell it to the Governorate Electricity Authority. Ready to trade on the MAI market on April 2. The value of the securities at the IPO price is 336.60 million baht.

Mr. Pravan Charounprawat bossAlternative Investment Market (MII) He revealed that the May Stock Exchange welcomes… Asian Palm Oil Company General Limited Registration took place and trading began in May under the Agriculture and Food Industry Group using the securities trading abbreviation “Mai”. “Cofactor” On April 2, 2024

APO is engaged in the extraction of crude palm oil. Mainly for sale to local crude palm oil refining groups. There is a factory located in Ao Luik area. Krabi Province The factory has a production capacity of 60 tons of fresh palm bunches per hour.

The company launched the Cut Ripe, Happy, Good Quality Palm project, known as Asian Plus+, to encourage partner farmers to harvest fresh palm bunches. It is the main raw material that provides knowledge and understanding in cutting high quality fresh palm bunches increasing the extraction rate of crude palm oil.

In addition, the company produces electricity from biogas obtained from wastewater treatment processes. The power purchase agreement was concluded with the Governorate Electricity Authority in 2004, within the category of very small power producers (VSPP), with a maximum electrical power not exceeding 1 megawatt.

Income in 2023 divided by type of business

1) Crude palm oil extraction and sale of the main products from the extraction of crude palm oil and its derivatives, 99.46 percent.

2) Income from electricity sales: 0.54 percent

APO has a post-offer paid-up capital of 170 million baht with a nominal value of 0.50 baht per share, consisting of 240 million existing ordinary shares and 100 million additional ordinary shares.

75 million shares will be offered to individuals at the discretion of the guarantors, 15 million shares will be offered to company donors, and 10 million shares will be offered to directors, executives and/or employees from March 25 to 27, 2024. The share price is 0.99 baht, equivalent to the offering value. The initial public price is 99 million baht, and the value of the securities at the subscription price is 336.60 million baht.

When determining the IPO price, the ratio of price per share to net earnings per share (P/E Ratio) is equal to 25.92 times, which is calculated from the net profit for the last 12 months (2023) equivalent to 12.99 million baht divided by the number of common shares issued and paid up after For this (fully diluted) share offering, net earnings per share will be equal to 0.04 baht, with Asset Pro Management Company Limited acting as financial advisor. and Kingsford Securities became Distribution Manager

Mr. Setipas Odomfunkul chief executive officer Asian Palm Oil Company General Limited He said that the money collected from the fundraising will help the company invest in improving the efficiency of machines in the production process. As well as using it as working capital for the company's operations

The major shareholder of APO after the IPO is Mr. Nippon Odomfunkole's family group. He owns 58.93% of the shares Miss Natapapat Sovapvat He owns 3.36% of the shares Mr. Pramoj Amornvisit He owns 3.31% of the shares and Mr. Pat Swanshotsiri He owns 3.31% of the shares

The company follows a policy of distributing profits to shareholders at a rate of no less than 30 percent of net profits after deducting taxes and legal reserves.

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